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    Has anyone else been having problems re-registering with the NASBA site? I'm in NY and I'm trying to re-register so I can retake REG soon. Once I put I have a NY Jurisdiction ID, the site freezes on processing. Should I call them or are they being bombarded with questions?



    I'm also having trouble! However, my issue is that I can't even seem to get registered with the new site in the first place. I fill out my basic information, it says it'll send an email to confirm, and I never get it. I've tried twice over 3 days, so hopefully it'll come through eventually… Ack.



    Yeah I didn't get it either. It's not even in spam inbox. hopefully it will come through one day.



    I had the same problem with registering with the new site as well. I registered but never got the e-mail. When I try to log in it says that my account has not been activated yet, however you need the e-mail from them in order to do that I believe.



    I'm also having the same problem. I tried to register twice on Friday and still haven't received any email from NASBA.



    Just got an email, the site won't be available untill later this week. It stated that if you registered they got your info and you'll get an email to activiate your account in a few days


    Lady in red

    Yes, NASBA posted on their Tweeter account and e-mailed me as well that the new site will be active later this week or next week. They will send the activation email then.

    NASAB does not e-mail the NTS anymore. You have to get it on line at their website in few days after you applied for it.

    Also, NASBA website is down now as they posted to their Tweeter account.!/NASBA



    Due 2 extremely high traffic volume, r website is experiencing technical difficulties. We are aware of the pro… (cont)

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