NASBA says no more paper and pencil for CPA Exam

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    This is absolutely effin ridiculous.

    How the hell were people cheating with a supplied pencil and piece of paper?

    Has anyone taken an exam with this stupidity yet?




    I doubt anyone has since December is a non-testing month and they said the new policy was effective January 1.



    I’m guessing part of the reason for this change is to limit us in writing stuff before the exam starts? I think its unreasonable and ridiculous especially given the short notice.

    I haven’t done this because I seem to freak out during exams, but I honestly don’t see the issue here. What’s next?



    Is it real?



    Sad day for candidates.

    My reaction



    I took BEC today, with the no paper and I didn’t really mind it. I got 2 sheets of essentially laminated graph paper both with 2 sides on it, and it wasn’t the crappy dry erase that rubs off easily so that made it better.



    @cmcd2011—what kind of marker did they give you? Please describe.



    Its a really fine tip thin marker.. sort of like a pencil, but marker! :p



    Thanks FAR74.



    I just took one part today at the Westbury test center. It is actually not as bad as I thought it would be. It is not really the thick markers, but rather, thin ink pens.



    I took AUD yesterday using the marker and it didn’t bother me.



    I took AUD today and the markers they gave me were not permanent, despite being told I couldn’t erase what I wrote. Since it was AUD I just wrote a few things down and overall it wasn’t bad. I will say that the markers seemed to dry out quickly, so definitely put the cap back on in between writing.



    It’s mildly annoying, but no need to worry. This is actually pretty common with standardized tests- when I took the GMAT, we had the same type of thing- a “noteboard” with a marker. I was slightly surprised that the AICPA/NASBA hadn’t done this sooner.

    I personally would prefer they keep the old pencil and paper, as I do think its a waste of money, but as candidates, the impact on us should be next to zero. I guarantee it won’t change your score one point. They’ll just raise test fees in the future to pay for them.



    The prometrics’ girl handed me the paper and pencil. I didnt think anything of it because perhaps they didnt inform her to give me the noteboard. I was too stressed to even say anything. oh wellz. Its not my fault.



    Took the test yesterday and I can confirm my prediction- not a big deal. They are just laminated pieces of paper. The markers are like a fine-tip pen. There was absolutely no difference in what I was able to write and the test center staff told me they would be happy to give me more if I filled mine up.

    Just be careful if you are wearing a work shirt with long sleeves- don’t put it on the newly-inked paper or you’ll get a stain. Or just wear a black shirt 🙂



    I have a problem with the noteboards/markers more on principal than anything (I just took my test with it and it didn’t matter much). I just don’t understand why they feel the need to change everything so much. Is there really that much of a cheating problem? Can a few bad apples spoil the bunch? Is the AICPA going green? I am personally combatting the change by using strong language complaining about the noteboards in the comments section. As a lefty I smear when I write in ink and feel that the noteboards make it harder for me to take the test. This hinders my ability to read my calculations and I feel discriminated against! Anyone else have that problem? 😉



    @sydbogg….I am a lefty, too…and I had the same problem



    Ah, I see you can have multiple laminated note pages. No big deal then.



    If I get annoyed enough I’m going to use that marker and write on the desk, or maybe even on the monitor. This is beyond stupid considering the exam fees we must pay. When I study I use a paper and pencil. I don’t use a whiteboard and a marker.



    It is getting harder and harder ha….. Sigh



    I took a section last Saturday and was handed paper and pencil…. apparently they didn’t get the memo. Sorry I’m not sorry 🙂



    @allbiz, I got handed paper and pencil too. Where did u take it? Curious if its the same place?



    it’d be better if it could erase like a dry board, i had to use the sweat from my palms and some spit…ewww!



    If it could erase like a dry board our southpaw candidates would suffer.


    Mr. Happy

    I am taking BEC late next week. I will try to remember to report if I got paper and pencil or noteboards and markers, and if it had any effect on my test taking.



    For the 2 exams that I’ve taken, security was so tight that I don’t see how this could possibly increase security. In my experience, some questions offer answers for other questions by the process of elimination. Perhaps they just do not want to give us as much “room” to remember problems, concepts, etc. Anyone who has an MBA or at least has taken the GMAT probably remembers that this is how it’s done during GMAT testing…

    I will probably miss the pencil and paper and now I know I just have to write a bit smaller so as to not turn in my original board at all during testing…


    Nathan Sims

    Out with the old, in with the new. I embrace change, unlike most people. Quit complaining about situations you can’t control and find a way to adapt to it.



    guess i am going to have to start writing on the desk and cubicle walls @ the testing center



    @nathan sims

    Change for legitimate reasons, ok…but change just because of security measures which I find is a poor excuse for the change from paper to noteboards, is just plain BS. If people wanted to cheat, they will find a way. If they really wanted to tighten up security, they should build bathrooms inside the prometric center or have the prometric people escort the candidates to the bathroom or limit the breaks. We can’t even take our scrap paper home with us so what are they trying to do? Lower the pass rate even more? To top it all off, NASBA decided to put out the email less than 2 weeks before the new testing window. I just think its ridiculous to say the least and that is why most of the peeps on the forum is venting. It may not be a big deal for you but it is for some people. Thanks.



    I feel like I had to do this for another test – maybe the GMAT? Which is fine, because you CAN’T go back to a completed question on the GMAT.

    I’m fortunate – I’ve passed the exam, but I would be extremely frustrated with this. Part of my success was to be able to go back to my “notes” for harder questions (within a testlet) on previous pages and revisit them if I had time. I also wrote down formulas that I didn’t want to remember (and I would never have to know in life because of computers…) at the top of my test booklet. I’m not saying you can’t do this, but there’s obviously less room and it will erase easily.

    Best of luck all – yet another pointless rule (I’m not sure if they really made it because of “cheating”?). I think you should get an OPTION for this “noteboard” or paper/pencil – what’s the harm?. Based on what you pay for the exam, they should also give you snacks, a massage, and beer afterwards.

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