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    Hi all. I passed my CPA exam one year ago on March 8th in NJ. I had 127 credits, so I went back to a community college to complete the courses I needed. Finished that up in the summer and sent NASBA my community college transcript, thinking they wouldn't need my BS transcript as they already had it from when I applied to take the exam in the first place. (NJ does transcript evals through NASBA.)
    Well, I was wrong. I called them about 4 weeks after I got an email saying my application status was updated to make sure they had everything they needed. I was assured they did and I would be notified of my status in 4 more weeks.
    4 more weeks go by, so I call again. NOPE – they didn't have everything they needed – the didn't have my undergrad transcript. So I call my college to send to the ADDRESS NASBA GAVE ME.
    Well now 3 weeks go by and I just called them again – OOPS… they gave me the WRONG ADDRESS. So NOW I have to send my undergrad transcripts to them for the THIRD TIME. I even have the email where they gave me the wrong address.
    I want to scream. I worked so hard for this license through the tests and school all while working full time and I keep getting wrong information.
    Just venting. At this point I am feeling like all my work is for nothing. It feels like I will never get this damn license!!!

    Working hard...

    AUD: 74, 91 1/18

    BEC: 78 12/16

    FAR: 65, 73, 66, 83 8/17

    REG: 64, 80 1/18



    @Cpac –Mine was not a quick process, but I did not have any issues with NJ during my communication with them. I knew I had to have a re-eval of all my education when I applied for my license (because I believe I was short one class for the license when I applied to take the exam). But I was paranoid with everything I sent them – return receipts, tracking, etc. I didn’t want to risk something not arriving. As for the incorrect address they gave you though – that’s absolutely frustrating. Let’s hope it all gets sorted soon and your long wait will be over! Eyes on the prize, although I absolutely would be just as frustrated in your place!

    Now, I have heard up to 9 months to get the wall certificate. I’m at just about 5 months since I got my license, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m not even going to try to follow up until the summer on that.

    Best of luck!

    BEC - Passed

    AUD - Passed

    FAR - Passed

    REG - Passed

    BEC/AUD - Wiley + Ninja / FAR - Surgent / REG - Wiley/Surgent

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