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    I have debate on 08/01/12 :

    Public Accounting software, such as Quick Books, has actually helped build business revenue and profits in the accounting profession.

    I have been picked to be on the “YES” side of the arguement.

    I need suggestions: I'm not really sure on even how to approach this topic. This was assigned to us by the professor. 🙁



    Just come up with components of Quickbooks that help companies.

    For example, the reports allow owners to analysis various things such as: Aged accounts receivables (who you shouldn't give credit to anymore), expense charts (where you're spending too much money), revenue charts (what is selling the best and what you need to work on).

    Someone who does their books by hand or on other programs often don't have a lot of the great features as quickbooks.

    I would just google, pros and cons of Quickbooks and look at the pros and go from that =]



    Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

    I think the professor is talking more about how it would help the accounting profession.

    For example: instead of accountants using pen and paper to keep the books for clients they can use software like QuickBooks- therefore increasing productivity and revenues



    When clients use Quickbooks, they inevitably screw it up so accountants (me) get to spend an entire weekend fixing their files at a double-time billing rate, therefore a client's use of Quickbooks has definitely helped build revenue and profits for our firm. Yes, this really is my weekend. BEC will have to wait. 🙁

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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