Need Tips for BEC Simulations – Please Help!!

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    The simulations that I get on the exam are always extremely long, complex and with so much information given that I find them difficult to complete within a decent amount of time. I usually end up having to completely guess answers so that I have enough time for the written responses. Does anyone have any tips or strategies for completing the BEC simulations?


    Tkr1818. For me there was only one way to become familiar with sims is practice them a lot. Sims content depends on what course do you use for preparation. I used Gleim and their sims complexity were the same as on actual exam with a lot of attachments. It takes some time to practice them, but it was very helpful and I passed BEC on my first try.

    Jimmy Dugan

    Scroll down and look at the information they are asking for and the format the answers must be in, and do that before you read the question. This gives you a lot of context when you are reading through the setup info and gives you some idea of what and where to look in the exhibits.

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    In addition to the other suggestions, try to give yourself more time for the sims. This may mean less second guessing on the MCQ or working through them a bit quicker.

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    I found it helpful to read the questions to focus on exactly what they were asking for, nothing more nothing less.
    I would write down on the paper exactly what they were asking, and then go searching through the info to find the information needed to derive the correct answer.
    The sheer volume of supporting materials is quite insane. Leave yourself as much time for the SIMs as you can. Also check out the AICPA sample tests for some extra SIM practice.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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