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    Hey Guys!

    Can I get some feedback about Ninja Notes for BEC? I've taken BEC 3 times and the last 2 I've gotten 71. Do you think the Notes will push me over the to the 75+ side?

    BEC 60, 71, 71, 73, 81
    AUD 72, 81
    REG 60, 78
    FAR 71, 78

    Licensed CPA in Texas



    I can't answer whether or not it will push you over as I have yet to sit- however I am finding them VERY HELPFUL in supplementing / streamlining my own notes. BEC (at least to me) has proven to be a monster with so much random information. I have found the Ninja Notes more helpful for BEC than I have for any other section- they have really helped me condense my notes and focus in on the main points. Have found them especially good for econ. and IT so personally I recommend.

    And they ask me why I drink

    BEC 71, 82
    AUD 75
    REG 75
    FAR 61, 69, 83



    You are like my lost twin!
    Yes I used them daily, as well as the Ninja Audio. The biggest thing I did though was put down the book and do thousands of MCQ's. That is the key to victory.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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