on average, How long it takes to pass all sections?

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    On average, how long will it take a cadidate pass all sections, if that person is prepared and, say, passes all sections on the first attempt? I know it really depends, but I just want to have a general idea. Or how long did the cpa exam take you personally to pass all sections, if putting it that way makes more sense.



    6 months?



    I started studying in May and finished my last exam on 11/20 – about 6 months.


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    If you're just out of school and have a few months that you can study FT I'd say 6 months although I know people who did it in the 2 summer months. I started studying in June, passed 3 exams in Jul-Aug, started my job in September, took my last in November. If you've been working FT for a while, you're easily going to utilize the 18 months they give you….


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    6 months.

    I started studying in May, and hopefully finished on 11/24.. as long as I passed AUD. I was dedicated to studying on the weekends and evenings. I also work full time as an accountant so I was busy with month-end closes, but made studying a priority. It wasn't fun. I missed out on every family function. But it can be done. I took two test each testing window. Good Luck!



    I got approved to sit on 7/21, took three parts from 7/26 to 8/31 and then my last on 10/15.

    Had they approved me before I would have probably taken all four of them in the July/August session.

    I was unemployed (only a few consulting gigs from home) and studying FT though. If you have a FT job, I'd say it takes more.



    I started studying for my first exam on March 22nd and took my last exam on October 26th. Seven months. This was while working full-time…no wife or kids.


    CPA Someday

    That's a good point.. I have no husband and no kids.. I do have a needy but supportive boyfriend.

    Being married and/or having kids can make a very big difference!



    I don't have kids or a spouse. I worked full-time and finished in about 15 months. I did re-take one section. I think what helped a lot during that time was that my job kicked everyone out by 5pm daily, and I was living with my folks, so didn't have too many daily responsibilities (like cooking, food shopping, house repairs).



    It took me 11 months, and I had to re take two exams, got married and traveled two months…I probably could have been done in August if we could have pushed the wedding off.



    It took me 6 1/2 months, assuming I passed REG- but 99.9% sure i did.



    While working full time, it took me about 9 months.

    Started studying FAR in very late June 2009 (may as well call it July). Sat for my last exam in late Feb 2010.

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