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    I am getting way ahead of myself, still got a long way to go before I even start studying for the CPA, but still tho, I have had this question on my head that I hope others will find usefull:

    studying for the CPA is a lenghty process, there is a lot to cover for it, so I was wondering if I could squeeze more out of this effort. This is, if I could use what I learnt for the CPA on other certifications. Like for instance, I have heard that the CIA (Certificate of Internal Auditors) is basically the AUD section of the CPA. I pressume other certificates will work in a similar fashion, testing you contents that you already learnt for for the CPA itself.
    Do you have any expierence with certificates that are very similar to the CPA or to one of it's sections? that by studying for the CPA one has already learnt all or most of what's needed to pass that certification?.

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