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    Hello! I wanted to get your input on my current job situation. Recently, I took an accountant position at a commercial property management company. I am responsible for the accounting for approx. 50 properties. There is one accounting clerk to help. We process about 500 invoices a month and send out financial statement packets to all of the owners every month.

    I constantly feel like I'm fighting fires. I feel like the workload is too much for 2 people to get done. Am I just being a baby? I didn't have any prior experience with this sort of company, so I'm not sure what the norm is.

    Any perspective would help! Thanks!



    I'm curious what would happen if one of you left?

    Is the work complex enough that someone else couldn't just step right in? If it is, your employer is really playing with fire. If other members of the management company could step right in, it's a bit insulting that they don't help currently when they have time.

    I'm also wondering how you would ever take a vacation, lol.

    My job previous to this was somewhat similar. After I realized taking a vacation would be a disaster, I gave them a full 3 months to find a sucker for me to train that could replace me…trained him…left…and never looked back.

    Good luck

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    This is the approach I take when I feel overburdened.

    1) Look at every task you have and think about what procedures you can get rid of w/o sacrificing effectiveness. Once you have a list of items you think you can get rid of, talk it over w/ the users of whatever work product you produce. Think about the WHY behind your each procedure. If you are doing something that's not adding any value, get rid of it. I don't care if it only saves 5 minutes or 10 seconds. Don't do things that don't add any value.
    2) Make a list of tasks and note how much time each task takes per day/week/month.

    After doing #1, if your list from #2 still comes out to be above 40 – 45 hrs a week, it's time to have a talk w/ your manager.
    Give your employer a month or two to evaluate your situation and make any necessary adjustments.

    If you are still unhappy after this, it's time to move on.

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    Thanks for input! Before I came on, the company was out of an accountant for awhile, so they just kind of let things pile up. Which is why coming on has been so tough also. I'm trying to get caught up and learn and do the most recent work all at the same time.

    When I go on vacation, I imagine everything will pile up as well. It'll still be better than trying to take vacation in public accounting IMO, with the billable hours goals.



    Wow 500 invoices per month that’s crazy. I process invoices at work but no way can get so many done and all the other duties they ask you to do. In my opinion, you need one more full time employee.

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    this is how small shitty companies work..I am trying to straighten out a review so we can file the 1120s fir a 15mil constructions company that hired a controller gave them no training..this person doent know what WIP is or distibutions are..assuming they hired them “cheap”



    Yeah… Guess I should've seen this coming. The town I'm in is small, so there weren't a lot of good options for employment.



    Dont get discouraged, stick it out a year and move on..small town isnt the issue, their are a ton of places like this..Im in Chicago and have not met a controller yet that knows what they are doing..mosto f the firms IVe worked at out of 5 are clueless..its figure it out for yourself..then they bitch if you screw up..

    More experience you get..and the CPA will be your golden ticket..though you need public experience..I have about 20 recuriters knocking on my door on linkedin a aweek now Ive got a year under my belt as a sr.

    Learn what you can in the year and move on. It will get better I promise.



    Well I have both my CPA and public experience and I still ended up here. Haha. I'm trying not to worry about it. Things are bound to slip through the cracks with such a small staff, so I'm just trying my best and whatever happens happens.



    You are processing 23 invoices a day plus doing other stuff? I hope you getting compensated extremely well. Otherwise get the hell out. They are taking advantage of you.

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