Passed CPA( Feb'2018)- No job yet

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    I passed my CPA exams in February'2018 and still have not landed a decent job yet. I am currently working as an accountant in a General trading firm in Dubai. I am a very enthusiastic guy ready to explore audits especially forensic audits, but with no luck. Is CPA really worth it ?

    I had worked as an Analyst in India for 3 years too. Would you guys share your job experiences after passing the CPA exam.



    I have passed CPA exams in 2017 and CMA in 2011 , I too have not landed to a decent job.



    What is your definition of a decent job? I would imagine most new CPAs are staff or senior accountants looking for a bump up to senior or manager respectively. The range of those salaries can be between 60-90k a year depending on where you live. That is not including benefits, hours, room for promotion, and so on.

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    Yea i'm wondering the same thing, what is a decent job for you guys? Even though you passed CPA exam it doesn't make u a manager right away.. still gotta get the experience and climb the ladder thru staff, senior.. thats at least 2-5 years of experience depending on the firm. some people stay for 7-8 before they get to manager.. are you sure you're not aiming for too much?
    @cpafromindia have u just passed the exams or do you have a license? do you have permission to work in US?

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    I have more than 18 years of Experience and I have a CPA License , I am not aiming too high ,I am expecting a better job opportunity with this level of experience and Qualification .We are talking about U.A.E job market.



    @CPAfromIndia and @fk,
    I think a big part of your problem is that you are both practicing outside of the United States. As the CPA certification is an American credential, it makes sense that it does not garner the same level of respect outside the U.S.


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    @chandler I thought they were looking into US market.. then it makes sense.. but again even with CPA and foreign work experience idk how “decent” you can get here.. what about big 4 in Emirates?

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    It's gonna work out.. one way or the other

    @Cpafromindia @fk

    I think getting a job (US or the Middle East Region) requires more than having a license. It is also how you package yourself and network. I am a CPA in the Philippines, I worked for 4 years at big 4 firm in the Philippines, then transferred to a big 10 in Indonesia (worked there for a year), and then I worked in Qatar for another big 4 Firm. I worked in Qatar for 5 years before transferring here to the US.

    I only recently passed my exams here. I have already been working for 2 years plus at a local audit firm in the US even before passing.

    I can say I was able to land all those work because I was in contact with people who were on the same career path. We had shared interests and eventually they were those who referred me to opportunities they thought I was suited for. My work and how I performed and progressed from staff to manager would somehow speak for itself each time I have been considered for an open position.

    So yes, I guess, it is about defining what you want, establish networks, package yourself well (believe in yourself and be confident about your abiliites). Best of luck!


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    @GEEVEE I am originally from Indonesia too. May I know which company you worked at back in Indonesia and in USA? If you dont mind telling me, of course.. Thanks!

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    I was experienced when I got my CPA, but in less than 2 year I went from an $80k job to a $130k job. Yes, it is absolutely, positively, awesomely worth it.

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    It is very hard to get I to forensic audit straight out of school, with no audit experience. Logically most people plan to put in one or two years of audit then transition to forensics.
    I would caution you not to say your goal is to go into forensic accounting if you are not interviewing with a firm that does forensic audit. When I was with my firm in public we basically turned away any candidates that starting talking about wanting to go into forensic accounting.
    Are you looking in the US or plan to stay in Dubai?

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