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    When you pass your first part, do you receive a letter stating that you passed and also telling you that you must pass all the parts by the 18 months? I am just assuming that I should receive something formal without the assumption of knowing that I passed it during a certain window. Please help me with this. I am completely confused.




    Aries – It really depends on your state board. Most people get a letter in the mail with your score and the date it expires. At least that is all I got in IN. But really it is up to the candidate to keep it straight. Good Luck on your exam.



    Yes, Aries, I'm in CO and about a week after I was able to see my score on the NASBA site I received an official letter stating the section I passed, the score, and the date of when that particular score will expire.



    Ok thanks. I'm in NY. I think that still leaves me with a 50/50 shot I think. I decided not to look at my REG score until the I felt I was ready. So if something comes in the mail, it doesn't have to be a failing letter. I just don't want to deal with it all at the moment.



    just add 18 months to when you pass your first one, if you want, you can send me your date, and i will send you a letter.



    I didn't receive anything in the mail in Texas. I did get an email saying my score was available online a couple of hours after I already saw it. On the Texas site there is a column that shows when the section expires, so I just have to look for the soonest date and pass everything by then.



    they will send a letter and it is viewable online from your State board website if you are in Texas



    NY is the same as the others mentioned. You'll get a letter in about 7 to 10 days showing the score and “Credit” for that section, and when it expires.

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