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    I can and I will

    Hello! I'm taking audit for the third time friday. First score was a 64 in September, 72 in November (argh!) and now I'm retaking it before busy season.

    Any last minute advice for re-takes/ also positive mantras? It's so hard to stay positive but I was wondering any tips anyone had for staying positive and believing in yourself

    AUD - 82
    BEC - 79
    FAR - 74
    REG - 66
    I can and I will

    Every little thing gonna be all right

    AUD - 75
    BEC - 83
    FAR - 85
    REG - 84
    He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.

    Lao Tzu



    It's not failure, it's feedback. Learn from it, grow from it, and never be afraid to start over.

    Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.

    FAR - 11/05/18 - 92

    BEC - 12/04/18 - 95

    AUD - 2/27/19 - 96

    REG - 4/17/19 - 93

    I’m done!!




    I'm feeling the same. I have my 4th attempt with BEC tomorrow and I took off today to do a final review but have only felt more defeated the longer the day goes. I'm getting more problems wrong then right, and my enthusiasm is fading each day. I felt like an ass the other day when my oldest (9) wanted to read with me but I had to turn her away bc she always talks to me every few minutes no matter how much she promises she'll let me focus. Then my middle child (4) said I have to study….as if he interprets mommy with only studying…and my husband has had to care for all 3 ( we have a 5 month old too who isn't soothed by daddy when tired) while I study when we get home from work and on the weekends. Between family, work and a bunch of other obligations I feel overextended and am starting to feel like this isn't for me. I feel even more discouraged (but happy for others) who have such high scores and/or passed quickly. I hate BEC more than any other section. Tax was and is my thing but I'm feeling like I may jump into real estate, something else I've wanted to do, if this doesn't work out. Sorry to vent, but I don't have anyone around who personally understands.

    REG - 74, 76

    BEC - 69, 67, 72, 77!

    AUD - 70, 73, 75

    FAR - 62, 71, 74, rematch 2/13/19!



    @TC85– I've had your feeling each time I take a retake and know EXACTLY how you feel as I am studying for my BEC retake.
    I think you need a cutoff time tonight and tomorrow because the more you try to cram in or study the more the mind rejects and you feel even more stressed out. I also have a toddler and its a similar situation but two less kids in my case, its exhausting mentally and emotionally to study and manage a family. We are 50% done (I also have two more to go..) Just do your best!
    My sister always reminds me that I know more than I think and that applies to all of us so rest properly the night before so your brain can function optimally. Good LUCK!

    AUD - 86
    BEC - 81
    FAR - 80
    REG - 80
    They were on to something when they said do it right the first time..


    Forward momentum

    When I was studying I kept telling myself forward momentum. Whenever I felt tired “forward momentum” , failed an exam “forward momentum”, woke up early “forward momentum”.

    It worked I didn't see the CPA exam as an be all end all, instead another part of my career and I had to let my forward momentum keep me going.

    AUD - 64, 80 Passed on 10/09/17

    BEC - 75 Passed on 12/09/17

    FAR - 69, 71, 73, 83 Passed on 06/10/18

    REG - 81 Passed on 09/10/17



    Thank you. I've tried to talk to everyone around but sometimes it doesn't really help until I vent to those who understand. After I vented I left to go to the store and pick up my kids, which gave me time to think. I also didn't really touch the material until after they went to bed, for about 30 minutes. I know I want this, I just had to clear my head and remove myself for a bit to remember that. I know that it might be a relief to give up in the short term, but in the long term I'll regret not doing it…. for many reasons. Thanks for listening!

    REG - 74, 76

    BEC - 69, 67, 72, 77!

    AUD - 70, 73, 75

    FAR - 62, 71, 74, rematch 2/13/19!


    Whenever you feel discouraged, know that you have passed at least one section, and that you CAN pass all four parts of the CPA exam. That is what has kept me going. Whenever I feel exhausted, hopeless, unmotivated, I remind myself that I passed BEC and almost passed REG in the same quarter. Remind yourself of your successes and why you want this certification. Many accountants don't make it this far.

    AUD - 75
    BEC - 77
    FAR - NINJA in Training
    REG - 76
    Currently studying for FAR
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