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    Okay, so I know we tend to be negative towards the exams here..but can I just say how much fun it is to study for BEC.

    I'm studying for BEC right now and I think it's awesome. I just finished studying for REG, which was less exciting. Although tax is really neat in its own way, and it really does make sense when you break it down (it makes sense to me that a partner's basis in property shouldn't exceed their basis in the partnership, for example).

    But BEC, you got IT, economics, finance, managerial accounting and budgeting, valuation..I mean seriously, as business professionals how is this not cool!!

    I think I see that a major purpose of BEC is the AICPA telling CPAs to not be too narrow on accounting specialties and be at minimum conversant with close to all fundamental concepts in the business world. I think that objective truly adds value to this certification.



    Masochist. :-p



    I'm going to take a wild guess and say you haven't reached the “Planning and Measurement” section of CPAExcel 😀



    I just finished B1 and I feel good.

    About to start the B2:Planning Techniques. I feel an impending doom cloud getting ready to hover over me this afternoon.



    BEC was my favorite (least hated), but I also loved Econ and my undergrad is in finance. I studied two weeks for it 🙂

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    @I just love this

    I am starting to feel the same way! Once you get through all the material, even as a public accountant, there are loads of information that you can use to assist your business clients.

    I just get frustrated with memorizing so many formula's and all the monkey wrenches that get thrown in at them once I have them memorized, HA!



    Honestly, I totally agree! Especially coming straight from studying REG, this stuff is so much easier to study!



    Econ is fun.

    Planning is not so fun.



    BEC is a demonic hell spawn.



    I also somewhat enjoyed studying for BEC. Since I doubled in accounting & finance, a lot of the material was review, which made the process less taxing. After thoroughly studying for BEC, I felt a lot of the material clicked even more. It's interesting how I also apply the concepts from BEC to real-world areas of my life, such as grad school projects and work!



    The best thing I can say about BEC is that I don't ever have to take it again!


    @co10101: You are right, I'm not at that chapter quite yet.

    @itstoolate4: Totally with you, I double majored too. It is helpful because the econ and finance chapters I've been flying through, I'm going slower through the IT and COSO material because that is new to me.

    After I finish IT soon, I will only Planning left, which I believe is mainly cost & managerial acctg? It's been a while when I was in those classes but hopefully I recall some of it.



    That must be it, I too am a dual finance and accounting major!



    So your username is NOT sarcastic? lol

    At least you have made me look at the positive side of this so I'll give you that 🙂


    I guess my username is sarcastic..haha..I go back and forth.


    GO Hawks

    Overall I agree with your first post. It's also a good first section to take IMO– only needed 10 days to study. I'm on REG and reading about bankruptcy… BEC was a breeze in comparison. you will pass with that positive attitude!


    I find BEC very doable but it could be due to being reviewed last and thus an overlapping with other sections.

    On the other hand, it is very possible for it to be a beast, just think about how many calculations AICPA can ask in MCQ or strategic planning questions that can be very vague. And then, WC section that is a double-pain for non-native writers.

    Really hope to take it and pass it on the first try, i'm getting into a burn-out zone having to deal with this section and major indirectly related undertaking!



    Well, if B2 was the hardest chapter then I think BEC should be smooth sailing.

    Loving me some B3.


    @ GO Hawks – thanks for the encouragement, and that is amazing to pass it with only 10 days of studying- GREAT ROI THERE!

    So I'm cramming/reviewing, it seems like the most difficult questions for me are the ones that require solving algebraically. In other words, the questions that give you say, 2 ratios and ask what is the total debt? or something like that which requires you to reverse engineer ratios. What a brain teaser. Hopefully I don't get any of those in the exam, I may just semi-skip them if I do because it is too much time to just maybe get the answer right.

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