Prometric Canceled Exam

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    So I just got an automated phone call and email from Prometric saying my test has been canceled due to the fact that the testing center will be closed from December 3 – December 31… you read the right will be closed from December 3rd forward and notifying me on December 6th. My exam is scheduled for this Saturday December 8th. Of course I just received the automated phone call telling me this at 8 ET, which is the same time Prometric support closes. All other testing centers near me are booked. my NTS expires before January and I wanted to take it this weekend so I could start studying for FAR immediately. Funny thing is, is my testing center still shows availability for Saturday somehow. Has anyone dealt with anything like this before?


    Not personally but I've heard it's not uncommon for that to happen. That's BS. Are you eligible for a refund or something since the exam has not and will not be administered?

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    I rescheduled from a different testing center a month ago to this, closer, testing center. So I better be getting back the rescheduling fee at least I just hope there is a way I can be squeezed in somewhere else even though it shows full. A heads up would have been nice. Closing a center for an entire month doesn't seem like a spur of the moment thing like a technical difficulty does.


    What a nightmare, I would have an anxiety attack

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    Won't know until you try.


    You should talk to your state board. And let them know of the situation.

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    so brutal!!!what state/city did you schedule your test?

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    That's what Prometric Allentown did to me! I am now driving to the next closest center – 2 hours away – on Monday for the test!

    I called their line and they waived the cost to reschedule to the new location. They did not, however, refund my prior rescheduling fee, despite that it would have been cancelled anyway.

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    I'm actually doing this....but after years of procrastination...I've got this~

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    good luck working that out.

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