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    My exam is on 12/10 at 12:30pm. I just know it's going to be packed with hopeful CPA candidates. Prometric called and let me know I can arrive at 11:00.

    Does anyone have experience opting to arrive early and start as soon as possible? I am anxious and excited to get these exam behind me but I would like to be 100% ready too.

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    If they can fit you, they will let you in a little early. I usually go an hour early, and since my seat is already assigned (and not waiting for anyone to be done), they will let me sit.

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    Won't know until you try.


    I love it when the site lets you start as soon as you are ready (no later than your scheduled exam). The site close to me does that all the time. If your reserve computer is available earlier, they'll call to let you know. It lessen the stress a little. In my last exam, a seat was available beginning 10:00 am and I could take my exam whenever (between 10:00am and 12:30pm). I arrived at the site around 10:15am, but I didn't check in right away. I sat by the lobby for about 10 minutes just to collect my breath – I was hyperventilating y'all. 🙂 Then went to the restroom, freshen up my face, etc etc. By the time I was ready to check-in it's almost 11:00.

    I will survive!

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    Yes, I took REG last Friday, and I arrived around 11:30, and 15 minutes later they seated me and I was taking the exam. Good luck!


    I don't think anyone is ever 100% ready 🙂 I love when I can sit earlier and go ahead and get it over with. Good luck!

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    They called me morning of 3/4 times and said I could come in early (30 min-hour). I always did. After hundreds of hours of studying, I was always ready to get it over with. Doubt it make much of a difference. Personally, I was never big on studying morning of anyways. If you're comfortable taking it at 11, go for it. If you would rather eat lunch first (or whatever) and sit at 12:30, do it. You've definitely paid for the exams and put the work in, so its a nice option if you want to, but don't feel like you NEED to. Good luck on the exam!


    I always showed up at least an hour early, usually earlier.
    My Prometric is very small, 8-10 computers.
    I always was able to just go through security and get started right away, usually an hour ahead of my scheduled time.
    Helps to beat the security lines, and also avoid any security waits getting back in after the break.

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