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    I take FAR next Wednesday the 23rd and am curious how well you think Becker prepared you for this exam. Few questions:

    4) Any areas you think Becker could improve on for FAR?

    Thank you in advance for any input! If any of these questions are “illegal” to answer in the eyes of AICPA, please disregard them.


    1 out of 4 ain't bad 🙂



    I used Becker and did not feel prepared at all even towards the end of my prep time – close to 3 months (very irregular studying though). During the exam, I did see several questions that I felt were unfamiliar, but kept my cool and ploughed on. Of the TBS, only one was weird – where I knew the concept inside out (heavily emphasized in Becker), but couldn't figure out exactly what was required to be done. I passed with an 86 on my first try – so I would say Becker is definitely sufficient.

    p.s.: I've been out of school over 10 years, so this was all starting afresh, not a review.


    I would say Becker prepares you very well for AUD and FAR. All of the questions I did not know on FAR I was mad at myself because I could remember seeing the content in Becker. It's in there…and it's up to you to absorb it. When I got out of FAR I immediately went home and opened to exact pages discussing topics tested to check my work.



    I dont know if I passed, but I also used Wiley test bank. The material is all in Becker, but having the opportunity to see a different type of wording was great.


    Follow-up question since Jeff squashed 3 out of 4 of my questions:

    After wrapping up lectures F1-F9 when you are gearing up for your final review (I gave myself 11 days total), how much time did you spend banging out MCQ's versus reading, making outlines, and just trying to understand all of the topics?

    My first exam was BEC. Started first lecture Sept 1 and took exam on Oct 6. Passed with 80. Followed Becker's recommended plan and it worked. This time for FAR, though, I don't feel like I can retain all 9 chapters worth of the material like I could for BEC. I didn't make a single note or outline of my own for BEC, but for FAR I have felt the need to go through and re-write my own notes/outline for the stuff I don't completely grasp. Since I have started doing my own notes and reading through the material more, I have slacked on the homework/Quiz MCQ's.

    Does anyone have an opinion on how valuable writing your own notes is and if I should be okay with slacking a little on the MCQ's if I am taking the time to understand the material and write it in my own words? I did all of the homework MCQ's as I did each lecture, but for my review I haven't re-worked them as much as I did in BEC.



    Trust me, you'll remember more than you think. Get your concepts clear – Becker does a fantastic job with those – you will recall on the exam even if you feel you won't.



    I think Becker didn't prepare me well for the NFP and governmental accounting, luckily I took a governmental accounting class so I remember most of the stuff. But try to use something else besides Becker when it comes to NFP and governmental accounting, just my opinion.


    Jack Don

    If you watched the videos and did the all the MC and sims you were supposed to do then you will do fine. Remember you need a 75 to pass not a perfect score.


    See Pee A

    Becker does a good job overall, as good as possible anyway. It would be too time-consuming and inefficient to spoon feed you ALL the material and have you understand who/what/when/where/why/how for every single topic. It's a lot already, that would be insanity.

    For MCQ's, I cannot recommend them more! Do NOT skip MCQ's, since they help you gauge how important certain concepts are from the lecture materials. I know it's discouraging sometimes when you get a lot wrong, and they aren't so useful if you just click and move on. But if you take it slow, read the explanations for the ones you don't completely understand, and move along that way, then you will do well. It makes the exam feel like you are just doing some homework (except MUCH easier than some of the craziness Becker throw at you).

    I wrote up a cheat sheet at the end of all basic calculations and notes that I did not recognize on final review or felt I wanted to emphasize. Honestly, govt/nonprofit is just weird. Learn the basic concepts like fund types, basic entries, conceptual requirements, and the like, and you should be okay. The most important thing is to periodically (every few days/weekly–depending on how long your study period) review older things. Don't focus on getting everything, but just jog your memory on older topics so you don't have to relearn much during final review. Good luck!


    Thanks to everyone for the responses and encouragement! This dang section is just SO INTIMIDATING! I think I let it in my head way too much before I even submitted the state board application.

    This may end up being the best Thanksgiving I've ever had! I am so looking forward to the five day break I get after next Wednesday.



    When you are doing MCQ try to read the question first and rest later. Most of the information in long questions is BS. Don't waste your time.


    I totally agree with David, read question first especially if the answers are numbers.

    Good luck to us all!

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