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    Last August (2012) I studied FAR for about 12 weeks. However, my study time was not the most productive, and I would take multiple days off in a row from studying. As a result, I failed FAR with a 70. I took the Audit portion after that using the same strategy and fail with a 68. Since I was in the middle of wedding planning at this time, I decided to take a break from the CPA exam and allow myself sometime to get my outside life figured out before I took on another section. Now I am happily married and had the amazing wedding I was planning for, and it is time to get back to the grind. I am thinking about trying to take all 4 parts of the CPA exam within a 2 month period starting with FAR. In order to do this, I am going to have to cram FAR into 3 weeks. Is this possible considering I have already taken it (even though it was almost a year ago), and failed by only 5 points? I felt like studying for 12 weeks only to fail was a waste of my time. The way I look at it now is, if I fail and only studied for 3 weeks then thats only 3 weeks of my life lost, not 12. Is this a bad way to look at things, and is it humanly possible to cram for FAR in 3 weeks? Also, has anyone else tried this strategy, and if so how did it work for you?



    Are you working full time? Do you have any children? If you answered “no” to both, then you can just drill those MCQ's nonstop for at least 6 hours a day, and score a good 75, but you need to be diligent. MCQ's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until you're tired of seeing the questions over and over.



    Well, If you feel like strict dedication. Really, we all can do what we really put our minds to do. I think there is a how to pass in twenty days by jeff. So since you have been through the material already, maybe do a brief summary and hammer away at mcq's and sims. I have more than three weeks til my exam and still feel like it's not enough time. But it is enough time, it's just time to really get down to business. Hey, do what you have to do….and if you find that the time table is unrealistic, set another date. Most importantly, give yourself the best chance to pass.



    I may not be the one to offer advice but every exam is different. You are not going from 70-75 but a 0-75. I am amazed at all the young whippersnappers that pass these exams so quickly so you can probably do it! Focus and go for it. Congratulations on your wedding.

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