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    I officially discovered for me personally 200 hours probably won't be enough based off my study using Gleim. The reality is it takes me a few days to learn to concepts. I study about 6 hours a day.which might not be enough but I'm discovering in order.for me to learn the material fully I don't meet the.deadline on my planner I usually need a a day or 2 after the set date. So the reality is I can accept studying.more hours to get through the test but Gleim does not recommend study past 16 weeks *I think that's what it said* any advice…what's ur opinion


    16 weeks is too long! There is so much material, you run the risk of forgetting the earlier stuff you study – I think most of us study around 8 weeks for most sections. Also, 6 hours a day seems to be too much as well – it's been proven that after 3 hours you stop retaining information because your brain is just done. Maybe not for everybody, but that still seems like a long time.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I used Gleim and didn't calculate how long I studied. I think the most important thing is to keep doing progress test to see where you are. I'm not a fan of these set times to study because everyone situation is unique in terms of work, family life etc

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    Good to know..8 weeks is like 2 months. FAR is challenging for me. What is everyone else doing far as Studying , retaining info how man chapters or units a day are u doing


    Jimmy Dugan

    It is a mistake to take a ton of time going through the material in an attempt to learn everything 100%. Like someone above said, by the time you get to the end of the material, you will have forgotten most of what you learn at the beginning. Go through it as quickly as you can, even with less than perfect understanding. Let the MCQ find your weaknesses and go back to study those items you are missing the most.

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    7-9 weeks max. In my experience, FAR doesn't come together until review phase. Leave yourself about 1.5 weeks for adequate review. During review, keep the bigger picture in mind. There is too much information to forget when you study over 9 weeks. FAR is like a marathon and you need QUALITY study. You also need a good fundamental understanding of the GAAP as it will save you on some questions. Then the review phase is meant to go over areas lightly so you can cram the info into your grape and then dump it all on the test. It's normal to not feel prepared but try to aim for 150-170 of study hours.


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