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    I have a question. I applied in January and in April finally Scheduled for AUD and BEC. My question is this, do I need to reapply to get another NTS to take the other two parts? The reapply is $50. Does the same apply if you fail a part. Do you reapply, pay the fee and then get a new NTS? I do not see on my account where I can take schedule for the next two parts. Just a bit confused. Thanks in advance.



    Unfortunately, every time you fail a part, you have to re-apply, pay for that section plus the application fee. Sometimes it's better to apply for two parts at once, because then you can pay just one application fee plus the two parts. When you first applied you paid for just AUD and BEC? In that case you will have to apply for FAR and REG, pay for both those parts PLUS the application fee. Am I making sense? Lame, I know.



    Is $50 the fee your state charges? I know I have to pay $15 to Texas just to take a part, then I have to pay NASBA on top of that. I thought $15 was annoying! 🙂



    Yeah, California is $50 for reapply.

    @mom – Peanut is right on. Each time you want an NTS for a new section or if you fail a section, you need to reapply. I am hoping you passed AUD, but in the case that you didnt, you will not be able to reapply for an NTS for AUD until the score actually comes out. At that time, you should also consider scheduling your other exams too so you can piggy back off the $50 application fee. You will still need to pay the NASBA fees for each section.



    @minimorty exactly.

    After my first application to CA I paid for and schedule 3 exams. I reapplied and paid the $50 fee to CA before I had even taken those three exams. The reason I did this is because it takes CA a long time to approve your application. But, once they approve your application you have an entire year to contact the NASBA to select the exams you want to sit for. My suggestion in send your reapplication to CA ASAP! Then, wait until you know your scores from AUD before you select which exams to pay for (like minimorty said, it will save you an extra $50 if you happen to fail AUD the first time around…which I hope you don't need to retake AUD!) So bottom line:

    reapply to the CA Board on Accountancy immediately. Good luck!



    Thank you guys. I submitted my reapp today. My next exam isnt till October and I dont think I passed AUD so this will help alot. You are the bestess guys everrrrr.

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