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    So much to know for Law and so little time =(

    Anyone wanna share the key points to remember for contracts and sales? I dont think the information is hard, I just think it's a lot to remember and if you don't remember key points you can easily screw it up =(

    These tips can go a long way for myself and all others studying REG right now.





    Million dollar question. I am sitting for REG –third try–and I am reviewing the b-law and it is mindboggling. There are so many details, but the details are important. UGH. I wish I had some good advice to give. For me, I am rereading the b-law topics in the Roger book. For some reason, they way he lays out information, it seems to stick better for me. I started out reading/lectures in Becker on the first swipe (70), but I felt like I had alot of holes in my knowledge. For me, I need to know the info better before I start doing the mcq's. I do this because I want to learn the info first, not learn the info from the mcq's. IMO the mcq's for me, are reinforcing what I know not the other way around. Not sure if I said that well!!! Need more caffeine. I have heard lots of people say that they google topics to get a better understanding, once in a while I will do that too.

    Have fun storming the castle!! Best of luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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