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    I don't think understand how the mid-quarter convention works.

    It applies to machinery & equipment. If > 40% of it placed in service in the last quarter of the year….but how do you calculate it?

    Is this right?

    Quick Example:

    Machinery & Equipment falling in the 7 year 200% class….

    Office furniture : $1,000 (placed in service in Sept 2011)

    Office equip : $2,000 (placed in service in Nov 2011)

    66% placed in service in the last quarter of the year so the mid-quarter convention applies.

    Is the depreciation $107 for the year? Half of the last quarter x 200%?

    Maybe it's a silly question, but I'm not taking any chances this time =(



    $3,000 in equipment / 7 years (straight line) = $428.57

    $428.57 times 2 (double-declining) = $857.14

    $857.14 / 4 quarters = $214.26

    $214.26 times 1/2 of the quarter = $107.14

    Yup, looks like I got the same.



    Yay! Thanks for trying that with me =)



    Make sure you remember that the equipment must be placed into service by the end of the year. Dont be fooled if they throw in a trick like “purchased on December 15th and placed into service on January 5th.” You wouldnt be able to depreciate that piece of equipment until the year you actually placed it into service.



    good point! they love to trick us…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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