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    @bet10 ha no worries. misery loves company :). Good luck on Monday (right?)! see you at the score release in like 39 years 🙂



    Average about an 80 and trending 87.
    Ninja exam scores were in upper 80s.

    Actual Exam:

    T1-Pretty easy. Finished in 25 min. Maybe 3 I wasn’t sure about
    T2-Trickier questions littered with some medium questions. Flagged more but again maybe 5 I was unsure of.
    T3-Same as T2

    Noticed questions in T2 and T3 were harder, not necessarily longer. But I had to pay real close attention to what they were asking.

    Sim 1:Only had one tricky cell which I think I got right.
    Sim 2-Research:Very sure I got right
    Sim 3 Tricky but I think I got all right
    Sim 4 Pretty sure I got right
    Sim 5:Long but I think I got right
    Sim 6: I was dumb and made a change last second as I second guessed myself!! So 2 out of 6 blanks I got wrong

    I thought I did good enough to pass on my last try and I got a 74. 72 on the first try. I busted my butt re-learning everything again. I know I missed some mcq and that last part of the sim.



    oh man – this section really deflates me. i failed with a 72 in Q2, just took it again yesterday. i did a fine job studying – a bit strategically as i work 50+ hours a week and rarely have a full free weekend between weddings, other matters, etc. focused on big concepts, a level below and as many exceptions as i could handle. on stuff like AMT/corporate AMT, i went through once or twice and that's it as it wasn't clicking but at worst would be 1-2 MCQ and god forbid a simulation (but i'd have the code to look up, at least).

    anyway – i just feel like how i was able to perform yesterday didn't reflect the time i put in. less than 1/3 of the questions were ones i knew right off the bat without thinking twice and i found myself flagging at least half the testlets to come around to. generally found the questions to be very narrow. the simulations – while i didn't think the specific topics were extremely tough, there were nuances all over the prevented me from executing them well. maybe i'm just a bad test taker, maybe i didn't study enough or maybe it's the exam but i walked out feeling down. i enjoyed the DRS truthfully, while it had a lot of content to go through, the format was easy to follow and i was able to work my way through it.



    I have done well in all the other exam parts, but I have never really been able to say that the testlets got more difficult. The same goes for this exam. I didn't notice the test getting harder as I went, but I feel great about the MCQ. I was very worried before the test because there was so much flipping detail to remember. But I thought the test was fabulously fair in its expectations. I think if my score was based on only the MCQ, I'd have a 98.

    The sim's though, man, I was bewildered by 3 of them. I still think the test was great, I really don't have any gripes about the difficulty or fairness of it. My blowing 3 of the sim's is entirely due to me not knowing those topics well enough. I might not have even blown them- I might have approached them correctly… but I just couldn't remember enough to be sure whether I was doing the whole thing right, or the whole thing wrong. Of the other three sim's, I disliked the research question the most. It took me 45 minutes! I think I put in 20, then told myself to move on, but I had enough time at the end to come back to it. By the end, I am sure I got that one right, but holy smokes I had a hard time finding the information I needed. The last two sim's I felt good about. One, actually, helped me to learn a topic even better than I had understood it before the test, which was actually pretty cool. The book had described the topic, but as I only did MCQ's, I never got to see a whole spreadsheet type of scenario that really tied the information together. I actually had fun doing that one!

    Even after spending 45 minutes on the research question, I finished 24 minutes early.

    I thought REG was the second hardest topic. FAR was a beast, and definitely the worst. But REG also had so much material and so much detail, and the way some topics like basis or AMT kept coming up but in slightly different ways for personal/partnership/S-Corp/C-Corp, well that just made it a nasty. But I thought it was the best test, if that makes sense? FAR had 6 or more questions that had terms or topics I had never heard of, even checked when I was done and they were not in the book. AUD and BEC each had several questions that I was like, I'm not really sure what you mean, but maybe I can approach this logically and maybe my answer is good. But every question on REG was on a subject that I had seen. I didn't remember everything I needed to know, which is on me, but there wasn't anything that I thought was BS.



    i know what you mean bet10…in being fair. because i felt that way with the one i just sat. this was a retake and my first one as you saw was just…cruel, MCQ never got harder and there were concepts i'd never heard of and still haven't after restudying and supplementing my materials so am convinced i got some bogus test ha. The SIMs will never allow you to feel too confident leaving an exam. i want to be cautiously optimistic when everyone at work asks me how it went but i'm sick of the “oh i just KNOW you passed, you did GREAT!” comments. it makes the possibility of having to tell them i failed worse…fingers crossed that's not something i have to do!

    i can't remember – is this it he last of them for you @bet10?



    @jpowell31 – yes, last one for me. You make a good point about how different tests cover different material. I hadn't considered that, and now I feel profoundly relieved that I didn't get your first test.

    I do know what you mean about receiving the “I'm sure you did great” comments – but I also know that that is pretty much what I say to others because, well, what the heck are you going to say? “You seem like a three-peat to me, so don't get your hopes up.” haha. In the end, I don't think others judge us as harshly on our test failures as we do to ourselves. I know several people IRL who have had to take sections multiple times, and they are smart and awesome to work with and will be great auditors or accountants or probably whatever else they choose. And you can tell they feel a little embarrassed over a non-pass, but really, it isn't their scores that make me like them or feel respect for them. That's probably true of your co-workers also, so I wouldn't worry about that aspect of it. Besides, I'm sure you did fantastic! 🙂


    Sooo (copy and paste from my last post) I took reg yesterday, and it suckeddddd. I know I’ve complained about every test so far, so here’s my breakdown…

    Testlet one – The usual medium testlet, started to get nervous that a memorized all the ninja answers, but calmed down.
    Testlet two – noticeably harder
    Testlest three – More like testlet two that one.

    But then the sims… ugh the sims… The sims I got were very poorly worded and open-ended. that being said , I totally f’ed up and got 1 of the 6 completely wrong.

    Do you think its plausible to think I did okay with a 0 on a sim?


    So FAR So Good

    @ShutUpStupid – Absolutely. I know I got one totally wrong in Audit and I passed. Even if you only got 5/6 and rocked those, you'll still be pretty solid.


    @sofarsogood, passed, you got a 91! i feel alot better about my test then haha, Thanks



    I don't know how I did other than feeling frustrated. I spent nearly 50+ hours between Gleim and Ninja in addition to the time I put in to get my original 66 by using Gleim exclusively (which was probably more than 50 hours.) It has tested my psyche throughout as I tried to remember arbitrary number after arbitrary number. It was fruitless because the numbers are freaking abstract and change constantly and is at the behest of Senate which means it will never really be truly understandable.

    My exam experience…

    Testlet 1 – Medium
    Testlet 2 – Medium
    Testlet 3 – Medium

    Maybe it got harder but I didn't notice it. This frustrates me to no end and makes me feel ever positive that I failed. I was zooming through the testlets. Finishing a set in 20 minutes and then spending 5-10 minutes reviewing my answers to see if I could live with them or not. I had about 1 hr and 35 minutes heading into the sims.

    The battle truly started when I faced the SIMS. I saw some familiar topics and some that were fairly difficult. The research question tripped me up a lot… And I couldn't find it for 15-20 minutes… Up until I finally did.

    I felt decently to good about 2 sims… The other 3 were difficult, vague and frustrating.

    Any opinions of my performance? I can't imagine my doing well on the MCQ to receive questions that I could only perceive as medium difficulty with maybe 1 or 2 difficult ones thrown in to make me think I am doing decently.

    I don't know what I am going to do if I fail this time. I had a contingency plan last time to include Ninja and hope that would be enough to pass a retake… I am also planning to take BEC on December 9th which means a 3rd retake for REG is going to be brutal and I would likely need to start anew which will undoubtably suck a lot.



    Took REG today…

    Testlet 1 – Medium
    Testlet 2 – Medium
    Testlet 3 – Medium

    I didn't notice the testlets getting harder, maybe more “wordy” or “tricky” though. There were a few MCQ topics I remember going over but not in too much detail and I definitely had to guess on these.

    @immoknight, my REG test sounds like yours…I had the same issue with the research question, couldn't find it forever. (On a side note – the research questions drive me crazy because the search feature is so inferior to modern day search engines and I spend most of the time thinking “in the real world I would have found the answer immediately with Google”)! The rest of the sims were topics that I recognized but either with a twist or I did't remember specifics on the topic but I wouldn't say they were extremely difficult like I have heard. I ended up running out of time on the last sim and just filling in blanks 🙁

    I know everyone says they feel like they failed but my gut feeling walking out of the exams has been right on every time so far and it's telling me that I didn't pass. I feel awful because I want this to be totally over, I want my life back! I think my downfall was spending too much time reviewing the BLaw material (with Becker it's 3 chapters with lots of detail!) since it was only worth 20% of the exam and not dedicating more time to Tax…I kept reading people on the forum saying “you have to know it all” so I spent a good part of the last week memorizing BLaw but if I had to relive the last week I would have spent all my time in Tax. Hindsight is 20/20 right?



    Retook REG for the third time I blew through the MCQs faster than I planned I knew I wanted to have at least 1.5 hours for the SIMs end of with even more time. The SiIMs were more reasonable this time I used the IRC to confirm some of my answers. I averaged 78 and my treanding score was 86 for NINJA. I hope I was over prepared instead of getting easy MCQs.



    I retook REG yesterday after getting a 74 the first time. MC was super tricky and random compared to the first attempt. Sims were much more manageable this time. I nailed the research question which I missed the first time as well as bombing a few of the other questions.

    Overall I only needed one point of improvement. I definitely improved on the sims but may have taken a step back on the MC. Not sure where that leaves me other than very frustrated…


    @needsa75, I felt like my MCQs were extremely random as well. I feel like they experimenting on the test until 2017 :(((



    @shutupstupid Sounds like you did good on your MC though. I had to completely guess at a handful of questions (granted I'm sure some of those had to be pre-test questions) and make educated 50-50 guesses on at least 10-12 more. As a percentage, I feel like I couldn't have got more than 70% of the MC right.

    At least I was able to competently able to answer all the sims this time and get the research question correct. Last time I was literally guessing on a few of the sims as time was expiring and I still got a 74. On the fence if I passed this time. Don't even want to think about failing again after getting a 74 the first time



    Anyone else out there who took REG in Q4 and thought the MC was tricky and hard? I breezed through the MC in Q3 and bombed the sims. This exam felt the opposite.

    I'm curious to hear from people who thought they didn't do great on the MC and still passed. I feel like I'm doomed to another 74 despite a vast improvement on simulation performance.



    Took the exam today and I feel like I did well on the MCQ's, but really bombed the sims. I probably got anywhere from 40-70% on most of them. Maybe one or two completely wrong, but I got the research question correct. My only slight hope of passing is that I got a 71 and 76 on the becker practice finals and it seems like that usually translates to a passing score. For audit, I got a 69 and 72 on practice exams and got an 86 on actual, but I felt more confident on Audit sims.



    So weird how everyone's experience differs. First time I took REG- MC was straight forward. SIMS were brutal and I probably got a 35-40% on them. Second time, MC was random and tricky. SIMS were much more manageable the second time and I probably scored around 75% on them. I got a 74 the first time….absolutely praying for a 75 this time!!



    Took the exam today. I'm with you guys, Q4 REG MCQ was brutal compared to Q3. I struggled the whole way, even after 6 weeks more of studying since my Q3 REG exam (110 hours total: Becker and 1800 Ninja MCQ trending 81%). SIMs were not terrible but 2 of them had fairly terrible instructions/left field topics…we'll see.



    OK…I feel somewhat vindicated knowing other people feel the same way I did. Q3 MC testlet #1 was cake. Q4 testlet #1 was the opposite. Obscure topics and added wrinkles to a lot of questions on topics that I was familiar with. Hopefully a lot of those questions were pretest questions…I'm gonna be really pissed if I come up short with a 73 or God forbid another 74 because they decided to make the MC significantly harder..



    Took Reg today, just felt uneasy about everything. My mind is telling me if i thought it was slightly easy its because in reality i bombed it.

    First MC was medium
    Second MC was medium/hard
    Third MC was medium/easy

    Sims were actually manageable, well at least i think so compared to every other exam i've taken. Just want to be done, score release on Nov 22 cannot come soon enough!

    Hopefully I will be done studying FOR GOOD 🙂



    This exam scares me. Got a 69 last time. It's the only part I have any trouble in as I thought the other three werent too bad. I just dont want to take the new version of the exam so if I dont pass this time, I have to pass next time.

    Far too much obscure content. With FAR you could see something you might not have studied but make sense of it based on other things you did study. This one you miss one tiny detail and fail the entire exam.

    Fingers crossed



    Took Reg on 10/24 like many of you guys. I just feel uneasy about this exam. My testlets did not get difficult as I went on or at least I did not feel like they were getting harder. They were tricky though. Many of MCQ's I answered by default. When I went home I could not stop thinking about the questions and doubting the answers I chose. I feel like this exam is messing with my mind. The SIMS, I would tell one was pre-tested because it belong to a totally different part of the CPA. Maybe FAR. I think if the testlets did not get harder, its because I failed!

    When I came out of prometrics, I felt at peace though. But when I went home, I just could not help but to be anxious about this. The worse thing is that I have to wait until November 22nd in order to get the results… 🙂



    CPAshoes08, same exact feeling as you! I can't even focus on studying for AUD. Its just so hard to focus knowing that you have a score pending and the thought of retaking. I kinda wish we can find out immediately pass or fail. It just messes with our minds, at least for me.



    Same experience I had CPAshoes. I also was excited that 60% of the test is supposed to be tax since that is a strong point of mine. I didnt have more than a couple of tax questions in the entire 1st testlet. That threw a wrench into my gameplan.

    Spartans. It gets worse Q2 next year. You have to wait 10 weeks after the end of a testing period to know what you got.


    Whats up Ninjas

    Took reg earlier today. This was my first exam out of the four parts. Got to the testing center about 30 minutes early and after I checked in there wasn't much of a wait. I took the exam at 14:00 because I figured why not have some time to wake up, review some material and make it to the testing center. Since there was not much of a wait I entered into the exam room earlier, more like 13:35 hours.

    After reading the prompts and entering into the exam I could feel my heart beating out my chest lol, defiantly nervous for some reason. After I got through the first couple of questions and realized I understand what they are asking it wasn't so bad.

    I honestly couldn't tell if my MCQs were getting harder or not. I didn't let that get to me because I needed to keep every bit of momentum I had going. I was able to get through all three parts with an hour and forty minutes left for the six questions which one of them was the DRS (not so bad I think).

    When I got to the 6 task base simulations, I felt lost, I struggled with them forsure but I gave it everything.

    I will say for anyone about to take REG, make sure you incorporate the task base simulations. I definitely did some but my main focus was MCQ as i was studying.

    Leaving the testing center I was happy to be done. I truly don't know how I feel about the job I did but Ill know somewhere around November 22nd.

    I am going to take the rest of this night to relax because I have to start prepping for BEC tomorrow evening.

    Good luck to everyone on their Journey!



    @spartans92 I have scheduled AUD as well, but I can't focus on that either! I have this pending score in the back of my brain.

    @sunny I had the same experience. I focused on the heavy stuff (at least for me) schedules M1, 2 & 3, AMT's, 1120, 1065, schedule K and K1. But what do I get? All types of obscure topics sprinkled with some tax questions with the exception of the SIMS. Some of them I honestly guessed. Praying on this one!



    @njvath and @immoknight I had the exact same experience as you guys. I couldn't tell a difference in the testlets and flew through them. Here's to hoping we passed.



    Took REG this morning and I'm pretty confident I failed it :/ the second and third testlets were embarrassingly easy and yet I kept forgetting tiny details that made the difference in being able to answer the question or not. The sims I actually didn't think were that bad, and if I do manage to pass it definitely will be because of the sims. I'm not going to worry about it, if I have to take it again in January it's not the end of the world. Time to change gears and crank out FAR in five weeks!


    Took REG this morning for the 3rd time this year and I felt the testlets were medium all the way through. Couldn't really tell if they got harder or not. I finished having almost 2 hours left over for the SIMS. It is amazing how different the SIMS are after taking this test for the 3rd time. It really is luck of the draw. I feel like in the past the SIMS were pretty much unworkable but this time I felt they were actually pretty fair. Nothing obscure. The only thing that threw me a wrench was the research but hopefully i got it. The rest of the SIMS took me a while and i finished with 30 seconds left. Here's to a 75 or above on Nov 22! Now on to AUD which will hopefully be my last exam on December 8th. Please God let it be so!

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