REG in 21 days, or skip to focus on FAR?

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    Okay, so the plan was:

    BEC tomorrow before it changes
    FAR in mid-April
    AUD in May
    REG in early June

    I had to change everything because when I scheduled everything a few weeks ago I was stuck with REG on March 9 as my only option. Now I have to scramble to get that done in the aforementioned 21 days, then somehow do FAR on April 12.

    21 days for REG and 34 days for FAR. I do have the luxury of only working part time, but should I punt REG, or just go at it extra hard and hope for a miracle?

    The risk here is failing BOTH tests, instead of almost definitely passing one and leaving the other until July.



    Do you have to do FAR on April 12? I'd go for REG and push every other test back. You won't get your grade for a test taken in April or May till August so why rush to take those?

    Done! 9 tests over 16 months. Failed first 3 with Becker. Passed 4 of next 6 with Ninja MCQ.


    I would suggest taking up REG as well. 21 days is more than enough if you can focus and work hard!! All the best!!



    SomethingSomethingCPA that's actually a life-saving idea!

    I pushed back FAR to April 24 and AUD to May 31. I figure six weeks for each should be more than enough, especially with a blackout month following them.

    And who knows? If I can squeak by BEC today and manage REG in three weeks, I will be DONE with the CPA on May 31st!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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