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    Hi – quick question…I am working my way through REG studying. I have my test on 1/13. I am almost done with R4. I have the Ninja notes and Becker. I have still to do R5-R7 and am looking to accomplish this by 12/31 and the questions for the remaining sections (not the supplemental, though). Do you think it is adequate to use the first week of January doing the supplemental MCQs in Becker and rewriting the Ninja notes and using the second week of January to do additional MCQs through the Wiley test bank and just study notes again? Or should I pound out a crapload of MCQs in the first week of January and hit the notes in the second week?




    I just took REG this last window and my tip would be to pound MCQ’s on the sections you are most uncomfortable with and mix in the Ninja notes. I didnt use the ninja notes for REG but I just made my own notes on the sections I just seemed to have a little trouble getting down and rewrote those along with the MCQ’s. It isnt one size fits all for everyone though so its really what you feel comfortable doing and what you feel best prepares you for the exam.

    Good luck!!



    @selkins: thanks for the response! Just curious on your BEC retake, what is your approach going to be? I’ll be taking my retake probably early-to-mid February but am on the fence as to how to approach it…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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