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    Free Study Planner + REG NINJA Notes (Individual Tax):

    REG Exam Experience:



    Placeholder… (hoping i pass FAR and can move on to this one)



    Going to start studying for Reg next Monday and will be taking it for the first time. I anticipate sitting for it sometime in February. Have a couple questions for those who have successfully passed REG.

    1. How long did you study for REG? I obviously have a few months to study, am using Yaeger, and want to pass this one the first time (hoping its my last exam as I'm waiting for my BEC score).

    2. Any tips for a person who has basically zero Tax professional experience (worked as auditor for a few years and in corporate accounting department for a couple public companies the past 4 years) and only took 1 tax class around 7 years ago?

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    Hi All

    I am taking REG in early January and was wondering what i should focus in on studying. I know you cant get into specifics but generally what would you say i should focus on. Also i have heard that Becker doesnt do the best job in the world for REG, is that a common thing?



    @mrwills12 I got two 74's back to back using just Becker. I found this blog after my frustration in not passing the second time. This time I used the Wiley book and Wiley test bank and I also used the Ninja notes. Wiley does a great job of giving you a variety of questions to practice and the explanations are awesome. The law part in Becker by Peter is great, but the tax part, for me, was not enough. If you can, I suggest using Wiley.

    As far as what to study, you really need to study all of the Regulation topics. My test covered everything in the content specification.

    I wish you well.



    Taking REG as my first part Dec 6th (Thursday) and needless to say all these horror stories are making me nervous….Just saying…I've studied Wiley for the last 4 weeks. And I'm a 5 year tax professional and still completely freaked out….




    Thanks… two 74s that stinks… I was thinking about supplementing with wiley for Reg. However, with the turn around on my test it is not very logical because i am scheduled to take it right before busy season starts. (I only have 6 weeks before my test right now) So i wouldnt use the wiley anyways. I have been doing taxes for the last year so i am hoping that should help with at least some of the test. You will have to post on here what you got on REG when you supplemented with wiley. I think becker does an amazing job with auditing you should have no problem with it



    I took REG this week and really didn't think it was that bad. Prepared with Becker and felt well prepared for both MCs and SIMs. One issue with the Becker material I noticed was that when doing the Becker progress tests, the questions were almost exclusively around tax, whereas the exam was much more balanced between all areas.



    @mrwills12 Yeah, the 74's really hurt. Since you do taxes regularly you will probably do well. I have been out of school for a long time, so I had a LOT of ground to cover. We'll see in a few days whether I passed it. Hopefully, I'll have good news. So, far I feel good about AUD. I do get tired of the hi-light this and that which is distracting to me. My company paid for Becker so I guess I can't complain. Good luck to you!



    nray8211, I've never studied with Becker or Yaeger, but if they have a diagnostic of some sort, you can figure out what your weak areas are and make sure you have extra time to cover those throughly. Having taken REG before, I agree with the other person saying anything's fair game on the exam. For me, the timing was tough – the testlets are pretty fast paced. Definitely check out the Content Specification Outline from AICPA/your review course to see how things are weighted.

    The new 2013 Wiley books are in stores tomorrow, YAY. I'm getting back into studying for REG for a retake before tax season. My lectures expired 10/17, but I have a 6-month extension so I'll be using Roger and NINJA on this one. Hope to find out my BEC score tomorrow…

    Good luck with you studies everyone! 🙂



    hey all,

    im taking the reg exam in Feb 2013 and i would like to know which tax year rules, phaseouts and exemption amounts that i will need to memorize for individual taxes? im using yaeger and the 2012 wiley book.

    The 2012 book has rules from 2010 and its getting to be too much. do i need to know 2010-2013 for individuals and corp?

    please help!!



    kwonp702, they don't test specific phaseout amounts that change for inflation each year because it would be too expensive to update that many exam questions each year. You do, however, need to know what to do with the numbers they provide as well as set thresholds that apply (ie. can deduct medical expenses above 7.5% of AGI or 10% for AMT, 2% Misc, etc)



    I just took REG last week and there was no phaseouts really but you do have to know the important ones. For example, the $25K of passive losses that you can offset against regular gains unless your AGI is > $100K-the excess is reduced by 50%



    Regarding 2013 materials… I am taking REG in a somewhat rushed state (trying to get it done before changing jobs to a Big 4) so I talked with the Yaeger people. Phil said there are no content changes between 2012 and 2013, and said I would be fine using the 2012 materials.

    15 hours of lecture down, 25 to go.



    I'm taking Reg the first Saturday in Jan. I've worked for a small CPA firm for the past 7 years and have done every type of return imaginable. I'm going through the Corporate chapter right now (Wiley/Yaeger) and there is a ton of stuff I don't know. For example, we have no large corps, so no AMT. I've got a lot of studying to do.



    Taking REG tomorrow – 12/6 – on my 30th Birthday. Praying for God's Grace to pass!




    Good Luck. Can you post your exam experience when you are done?



    I'm taking BEC this Saturday then jumping back into REG studying next week. I'm looking to have my third tangle with this beast sometime in mid January. I got a 69 then a 59 my two previous shots. The 69 was my first CPA exam ever and the 59 was due to (methinks) thinking I could just “sharpen up” in a few areas. Yea, didnt quite work out obviously haha. I plan to use Becker 2012 material and focus in on corporate tax where I know I was weakest at in my previous two attempts. Good luck everyone!




    Good luck with BEC



    I also plan to take REG sometime in January. Tax is very boring to me and I am really not that strong in it so I find myself either re-reading stuff or wondering off…




    Plan to retake Reg early January ! Had fail with a close grade using Becker self study but have not study well at all

    Wanna know what we'll be a good strategy to review the material again in 3 week ! .? Should I kept the same material Becker or change!??




    On the same boat–did you already get your email with the areas of strength or weakness? I did really well on the MCQs and really bad on the SIMs. I practiced the SIMs but have to say that not in as much detail as I should have. Aside from reviewing the concepts overall, I am planning on practicing SIMs too.

    No matter what review course you are/were using, I would focus on weak/comparable areas to make sure you tackle those–but don't forget to review your “stronger” areas.

    GOOD LUCK and stay in touch! I plan to retake in late Jan or February…not sure yet how much time I want to spend studying over the Holidays.





    Have not receive my performance email yet! But kind of sure it ‘s the simulations

    But am plan to retake it in 3 weeks as my brain still fresh ! Have not set a plan for the review yet but am thinking to re read the book and doing th M/c and go throug another exersise material!

    All the best



    Taking REG in Jan 2013 … would I have to know the standard deduction numbers for year 2012 or 2013?

    The Wiley 2013 book has 2012 information. Seems like whichever year you take the test, they test you on the deduction numbers of the previous year… Is this true? Thanks


    same boat, failed reg 61, 73… wtf

    going to just restudy all the mcq/sims on becker and wiley and listen to a few ninja audio sessions

    rematch hopefully in jan if there is openings and my schedule permits.

    this is stupid



    I'm waiting for my REG score from 11/26. It is my final exam to pass and I'm in pain waiting for the score. I left the test center feeling like I failed. I just couldn't find any questions after the first testlet that I thought were easy.

    I'm going to look here for support and to provide support if I failed. We can push each other to pass REG this Jan/Feb no matter the cost!

    Good luck brothers and sisters.



    I got 2 74 too 🙂 i studied from Becker CPA 2012 and i wish that Jeff could post a video of 2013 REG updates 🙂

    i need some motivation ..




    In the same boat ! Had faild using Becker 2012! Plan to retake early Jan ! Will study Staring from tomorrow !,, I would focus more in calculation side!,,



    I just passed using Beckers. First and 2nd testlet were ok. The third one had a few iffy questions that I wasn't sure of. Then I got to the sims…I just stared at the screen and said you gotta be kidding. Each sim was a monster!! I came out feeling really bad about it but really I couldn't have known it had I studied harder. 6 becker sims was the equivalent to 1 of the sims on the exam. I found beckers helpful for multiple choice but I would definitely supplement with something else for the sims.




    You said that 6 of Beckers sims are equal to 1 Reg sim. Did you find that your sims were long and complex compared to Becker's? I have found that to be the case with my other cpa tests. However Becker had the same underlying concept for my other ones, their sims (Beckers) were just not very long and detailed. Is that kind of what you experienced? Even though the sims were longer and more complex, would you say that your Reg sims had the similar concept to the ones from becker?

    Also did you even bother trying to use AL for your sims?

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