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    @mrwills12 – I know you weren't asking me, but another person answering your questions couldn't hurt, right?

    I studied using Becker for REG and have failed twice now, with a 74 and a 73, OUCH! I did fine on the MCQs, but the SIMS this last time were horrendous; very involved, detailed and somewhat obscure topics. I didn't feel like Becker had prepared me for them at all. I will also say that I DID make the mistake of trying to use the authoritative literature for the SIMS (which is difficult to navigate) and it was of no help, I should have known better having read this same advice from other test takers. Even my research question (which I usually nail) was difficult. I would leave plenty of time for the SIMS and just make sure you know the material backwards and forwards. I'm taking it again in January and re-studying with Yaeger and Wiley online test bank. Becker just isn't for me.




    I will say that it seems like the AL is harder to navigate with REG compared to the others… why is that.



    Joining this group. I'm going to begin studying this week. Blah.




    am planning to attend early january too ! i will study from becker books and i will study from NINJA notes too ! i hope it could help with the remaining 1%



    @ zi007ad

    Plan to do the same except I had download roger review app ” test bank”

    I will try to go over it this time



    How long is everyone studying for REG? I hope 9 weeks at 20 hours per week will do it for me.



    I'm going to play around with Chapter 1 (self-study Becker; flash cards; Ninja audio) for the rest of this week as I just got the news about the FAR pass score.

    However, I think I'm going to make this Monday my “official” start date which will leave me about 10 Sundays before the last week of February. Goal is to finish Chapter 8 with at least 2 weeks leftover for massive review session before exam.

    I hope to God this isn't as awful as FAR.



    Well hello everyone! Just made the decision today to go after my last section. I was going to take a break until after tax season since I surpassed my original goal of 50% complete by tax season (at 75% complete now), but I'm just so close I can taste it. My wife agreed the thought of potentially being done in 8 weeks is just too hard to pass up even if it means sacrificing some holiday fun.

    My motivation is at an all time high, which is a good way to start considering the lows we all experience during these grinds.

    REG… I'm coming for ya'



    I've taken the past 2 years off from the CPA exam since I was not taking it seriously before. I hope to begin studying right after Christmas with the intention of taking the exam at the end of February. I've always been terrible at taxation. I can understand it as I read, but fail at the execution. I just can't *grasp* it. REG was the one section I never studied before. I couldn't imagine jumping into FAR first.

    I've got a better job now with more time available. Now's the time to get it done!



    I am back for my third attempt at REG. My first attempt I used Becker and scored a 67, my second attempt I added NINJA everything halfway through and scored a 68. This time I am going all Wiley/NINJA and am hoping to slay this beast. I am just getting things organized right now as I just received my passing BEC score this afternoon. I am starting with some all topic 24 question testlets to measure my ability before I jump into the first module in my brand new 2013 Wiley REG book.


    Started studying this past Monday and registered for January 15th. This will be my first attempt at a CPA exam — hopefully that's a reasonable time frame.

    I'm doing REG first because I hate tax. The classes were rough on me big time. Hopefully I can get it out of the way and never think about tax again

    It's Day 3 and I'm wrapping up R1 (Becker) — so far so good I suppose. I'm getting ~85% of the MCs right and ~80% of the SIMs. I have no idea how that translates to test day success but here's to hoping.



    @mypetmeatball – (great handle by the way haha)

    Are you studying full time or working as well?


    Thanks mang. I'm on winter break from my MAC right now so studying is pretty much all I'm doing. I don't start full-time work until September 2013 and I'm really hoping to get it all done by then.


    Hey everybody. I'm with ya for the misery that is this section (to me at least). I was hoping to be done by Christmas, but at least I know my enemy now. I'm using Roger again, hopefully not to set his kill percentage back more than I already have. It took me from nowhere close to passing to within two points, so I figure it's good for another two points eventually.

    Anyway, based on my experience, if you can pass this section, you should be golden on the others. AUD and BEC both seemed way easier, and FAR is as well, I think, although I'm kind of surprised now that I passed it the first time. Good luck!




    You have taken REG a couple times now.. Is there anything that you would have done differently maybe focused more or are planning to focus more on for your 4th time?



    Hi everyone!

    I will be taking REG for the first time on February 2013. I have the 2012 Becker Self-Study material; however I'm wondering if I should switch to the 2013 edition since that's when I'll be taking the exam.

    Please advise!

    Thanks & happy studying! >_<



    @ desca:

    Just heard that there were no changes for 2013 for REG, so it's your decision. Personally, I would still use the newest materials possible, i.e. 2013.



    Hey everyone 🙁 Didn't want to be back here but I failed REG with a 74. This hurts. I'm hoping to take it again as soon as possible. Becker 2012 will still be okay right?

    EDIT: I see my question was answered above!



    Joining this group. Going to start studying tomorrow.. I'm scared, haha!

    Trying to decide if I should try and get REG done by the end of January, and take BEC @ the end of February, or give myself till mid February for REG , which pushes BEC back to April. Any thoughts?


    Week 1 Rants/Raves. Pretty much finished with Module 1 and 2 from Becker:

    1) I suck at AMT. I can remember the acronym PANIC TIMME (yay?) but I'm having a problem remembering what the mnemonic actually stands for and how to apply it. Most frustrating part by far.

    2) Ughhh the simulation software. Sometimes when I try to remove an answer by backspacing…I accidentally go back in the browser and I lose all of my progress in the simulation page. This is happened five times now and it is driving me absolutely INSANE. I'm going to throw my laptop eventually I just know it.

    3) Credits are pretty hard to remember. I can figure it out in the context of a multiple choice question, but I don't trust myself in a simulation situation.

    All and all I'm okay with my progress, but what do I know at this point. This stuff is reasonable now, but I'm scared for three weeks down the road after I have 90 hours of business law shoved down my throat.



    Hey guys, I rarely post but I felt like I needed to for reg. I kinda feel like it is made to be extra scary here. I studied 3 weeks and passed with a 75 using Becker. I felt like Becker got me ready for the mcqs by drilling them 3 times. The Sims however, are a whole different animal. So I did the Becker Sims and it was helped build a deeper, more detailed knowledge of the topics. Then, I made my own index cards and review them. I took the first practice test and scored around a 70. The 2nd practice test, I didn't even take fully, I did the mcqs that I didn't know or wasn't sure of, but I did all the Sims, again trying to plug in more details. The actual exam, the mcqs were just as I predicted, and fair. The Sims were hard but not as hard as people made it seem. My best advice would be, make sure you know the equations. Memorize and memorize because that's what I did and even though they might not be all used, they give you the details to answer any question that is thrown at you.

    Now only one to go. The beast, FAR. And believe me if I can do it, so can you. All you need is a 75, nothing else matters.




    1) On AMT, just make sure to remember the adjustments. The most important part is TIMME. Don't worry so much as to the PANIC.Once, you have those down because they are basically the same adjustments from the normal tax model that are given as FOR AGI but just added back.

    2) It hard to help you with this one but make sure you copy most of the facts on paper and write down your approach, this way when the answer is shown, you can follow step by step and see where you messed up. Don't worry so much about your speed with the questions the first time through.

    3) For credits, I basically made my own acronym which was FACCE. Just like TIMME, it has two middle letters. And hey what ever works to help you remember it at least for 3 hours.



    Hi friends. Just thought I'd pop in and join the fun. Just found out I did not pass REG and am hoping to retake early Jan before busy season picks up too much. Good luck everyone!



    Hello All,

    I have been failed this exam twice now. So, disappointed. I don't know what am I doing wrong.

    I'm using Becker, Ninja and Wiley.

    Please help!

    Below are my scores:

    REG: 69,66


    Ben Rucker

    Studied for 4 HRS on Dec 4th, 14 HRS on Dec 5th, Took REG on December 6th and Passed the first time with a score of 78. I spent the entire amount of time reviewing Becker Questions. I did 2 or 3 practice simulations so I understood how it worked.

    Background- 6+ Years IRS Revenue Agent, CFE, Master's of Taxation


    Great advice H.Singh, I will definitely make an effort to remember those acronyms and focus on what you said.

    On an unrelated note, did anybody get this question in Becker?

    I'm assuming that it has to be a mistake. Otherwise, I have no idea how the gain became 15,000.




    I ran into this same problem when i was doing the problem. I think it was a released question that BECKER adapted, (because it said like 2005(adapted) under the problem number. I think it is just a typo, at least that is what i went with when i came across it because the facts that are presented dont make any sense… The important thing i think at least is that you understand how the other numbers are found.



    Hi everyone – joining the study group for my REG retake on 1/3/12.

    I used Becker Live the first time and got a 72. Just bought NINJA 10 Point Combo for REG today, and hope to slay this beast in just under 3 weeks!



    @cubsfan7 I'm doing kind of the same thing. I studied with Becker for 7 weeks. After getting a 74 (!!!!!), I bought Ninja notes and figured I'll just go over those for 3 weeks and practice Sims. I hope to slay this beast too!



    Hey everyone, just checking in to see how things are going. This is my third attempt at REG, I flew through Professional and legal responsibilities with great scores on the MCQ, and sims from the book. To all the becker students here, you may want to consider getting through all the b law topics before attacking the tax topics. This way on exam day, the tax topics are the freshest in your mind.

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