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    Doing REG w/Gleim -They also had a software where I could print all my missed questions and was a great study tool!

    I started with Reg because I like TAX, but I find myself not doing well on this section.

    I think my problem is 1. Im by myself in this- Im better studying with someone else and talking it out. 2.Im wasting time – I read, highlight, study the problems, then do the test, Read the Sims, then do the SIMS. plus I get sidetracked, and I have major changes going on…

    I tried just watching the presentation, but I do worse, and on TAX! my favorite subject.

    Absolutely terrified, and wish I could quit. I dont know how Im going to get through this by myself, and while working now. I signed up in Nov when I wasnt working and thought I could get do the test Jan 2! This book is 800 pages long.. I just want to get 1 section passed…the first time! IS ANYONE IN DC??


    @ Want to be CPA

    That's what we're here for! Bounce ideas off of us in this thread.


    So here's my tentative plan for now until test day…ANY input would be greatly appreciated

    1/6 Reg 1 Boot Camp – All MCs and Sims,

    1/7 Reg 2 Boot Camp – All MCs and Sims

    1/8 Reg 3 Boot Camp – All MCs and Sims

    1/9 Reg 4 Boot Camp – All MCs and Sims

    1/10 PRACTICE EXAM 1

    1/11 Reg 5 + 6 Boot Camp – All MCs and Sims

    1/12 Reg 7 + 8 Boot Camp – All MCs and Sims


    1/14 CONTINUE WILEY and look over crap I'm still struggling with

    1/15 Suicide

    I'll also dedicate ~30 minutes each day to general mnemonic/flash cards (I made my own flash cards in a stack as thick as War and Peace)



    My exam is on Friday and today i took Becker CPA final exam review and these where my results !

    All Right %

    Testlet 1 24 13 54%

    Testlet 2 24 15 63%

    Testlet 3 24 14 58%

    Sim1 4 3 75%

    Sim2 5 4 80%

    Sim3 10 6 60%

    Sim4 5 4 80%

    Sim5 1 0 0%

    Sim6 9 5 56%

    Total 106 64 60%

    any suggestions for the next 4 days ! i wish i could slam the 75 ! i got 2 74s in a row !


    Thanks @ mypetmeatball

    I'm usually deadline driven, but this is hard, I dont know how long it will take me to grasp a subject. I've put dates on sections, giving me 2 days to finish it, and still cant do it.

    how do you all do it when you have lives, big decisions, work, you have to eat?

    Where do you find study buddies? I took a classm but fell asleep, flashcards same thing. audio-what?

    I dont know whether to take a day off and do ALL my errands ever, and then start fresh on Mon after work? but how, dont you guys ever want to just watch tv at night and relax? I've tried studying in front of tv, it makes it worse



    Meatball: sounds like my study plan til the 15th also! I am not doing them in order from 1-6 though (using Roger), I'm doing Biz Law chapters first, then the Tax ones last since they are tested more. I'll be reading the entire chapters, doing ALL multiple choices pertaining to those topics, and finishing my flashcards from M-S of this week. I don't work so I'll be doing at least 8 hour days then relax at night. Sunday and Monday I will be doing all multiple choice questions again as well as flashcards.



    Hey Everyone,

    Just trying to share my excitement since my girlfriend doesn't it find it that exciting lol

    I just got the Income Tax Map 2012 up on my wall. It's a large poster that breaks down the individual income tax formula. When I get tired of doing MCQ, I just stand infront of it for a while. Tax isn't my strong suit so this is great. I recommend it to anyone that's not in tax




    Lol you have an individual income tax formula map. Thats too funny. That made my day.


    big K

    I am taking the exam on Tuesday and I feel like every time I read and “learn” something new I forget something else. Not sure How I am learning new stuff at this point…its like my third time through the Becker stuff.

    BEC – Passed

    REG – 1/8/2013

    FAR – TBD

    AUD – TBD



    thanks mrwills12!




    How did your REG exam go? Any kind of feedback you can disclose regarding how you feel about the exam? I'm currently studying for REG and just want to know how others feel about the exam in comparison to their study material. I'm also using Becker 2012 material, but just recently purchased the TEN Point Combo hoping it will get me over the hump this time.





    The exam went alright, The testlets were progressively harder… the third one was extremely hard and wordy. The sims i thought were very managable. I should have known more on the sims but i kinda know i got at least like 60% or so right on them. I would practice wiley simulations they are pretty close to what is on the exam as far as detail of the simulations. Becker did a pretty decent job at preparing for the MCQ's and wiley the sims. (I know you can get a free trial pass to wiley, the link is posted on the 4th page by BuckytheCPA). I would study the end of chapter 4 more, i think Becker down plays the importance of it and make sure you know blaw. Good luck.




    Thank you for the advice. I will definitely put more focus on chapter 4 because that area seem like it was overlooked on Becker's lecture but when I took Reg last December, I notice there was a lot of questions relating to that last portion of that chapter. I managed to come in as comparible on the M/C but weaker on the SIM on the exam. I plan to do as many SIM via Wiley from now till Sunday. Thanks again!



    I just received my updated ninja notes for 2013 and I noticed that some of the tax deductions changed from 2011 to 2012 tax year. Do you think these will be tested in January? I am not sure how crazy I need to go with the new deductions.



    Tony – What's the Becker Chapter 4 subjects? I use Roger.


    Does anything feel better than reworking homework problems you did almost a month ago and getting the answer wrong in the same exact manner the second time around?



    I hate this so much, I want to quit. AHHHHH. Studying for 8+ hours yesterday and today and have 6 more days of the same thing! Stopping in 30 mins cus I can barely read a sentence anymore.


    I hear that. I'm losing motivation badly right now. My scores redoing the homework aren't at the level I would have liked either.



    Man, REG sucks. I expected this one to be easier for me because Blaw and Tax are more my thing… but I am almost done with the Blaw sections and that is a lot of detail to remember!! I am excited about starting the tax portion, I hope that is better… I do better with numbers.

    This one scares me.


    I am so f'ing bad at R3 and R4 I think I'm going to have a panic attack. I'm worse than when I originally studied it. I may have to reread and I barely have the time.


    What's the word with this “Unified Estate and Tax Gift Credit”?

    Is it for the first $5,120,000? 1,000,000?


    The exemption amount for estates is about 5,120,000 (in terms of the actual value of the taxable estate). At a 35% rate, this translates to about a 1,792,000 credit of any tax due–that is what those two numbers refer to.



    Just took practice exam #1. Ughhhh absolutely brutal.

    Testlet 1: 75%

    Testlet 2: 83%

    Testlet 3: 83%



    2: 40

    3: 60



    Research: 0 Of the six practice Becker research questions I've done thus far this month. I got MAYBE one on the first try. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me at this point; I can't find anything in the research tab for crap. This is really starting to get to me.


    weird…just went over my exam and it looks like I didn't get the research wrong…

    Strange that it didn't register. Regardless, I still have a lot of work to do with the research tab. I wasted way too much time on that one.



    115/217 of Individual Tax wiley book questions done so far today. Wahhh… F, S, S are the last 3 chapters and Monday is review of everything. Yuck.

    Meatball – I get super anxious when it comes to my research question too cus it seems easy enough, but I'm not sure how to study for it, it doesn't seem easy to, just something you either find or don't find I guess :/



    Sitting for FAR on February 4th, got to love this exam!!


    Why does REG crew have to be so inactive in comparison to the other three? :/




    I don't post a ton but have also noticed this. I just assumed not many people were taking REG right now.

    I am going to finish the lecture videos by this weekend which leaves 2 weeks for wiley book MCQs, and 2 weeks for review before my test. At the moment I feel very unprepared for the BLaw sections. This is going to be my weakness seeing as I have 4 yrs tax experience. I have no idea how to study the BLaw stuff other than reading the notes/book over and over. I do plan on using the NINJA notes to review with. Any other ideas? I briefly considered the NINJA audio but my commute is pretty short and I try to use that time to mentally prepare on the way to work, and decompress on the way home. I want to pass this last section so bad though!



    @ mypetmeatball

    Looking @ your results for exam #1…I have to say…keep up the good work. I know it's difficult to say if you pass or not based on those results due to the weird way of the grading structure, but you are right there. Based on my results from the FAR test and the “real” test, I would like to say, you are good to go. Just in case you want to do even better, get those flashcards a chance to get even more in your mind and keep working on more MCQs so that you don't have to think and search for the concepts in your mind, but they are just there for you.



    @samdiegocpa & @ mypetmeatball

    Just noticed you guys are going to take the exam the same day. Any feedback we can receive from you (within the legal boundaries) would be highly appreciated.


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