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    So I thought personal tax would be somewhat interesting because tax season is here. Think again. Phil (Yaeger) does a good job, but this is harder to follow than FAR and AUD. I know the everybody says FAR is a beast, but I would almost restudy both AUD and FAR. I've never studied such a dry topic. It's rule after rule and no computational problems. I do good on the MC that is required, but I can't remember half the rules he talks about. Does anybody agree? Must be nice to be a public accountant and know this material already. Hopefully Corps, partnerships, and law will be more interesting?



    Exactly the reasons I decided to take REG last. I feel for you. I'll be riding in that boat in about 1 month.



    I'm taking REG last and if I could do it again, I would not have. It's truly awful for somebody who has no tax background. Also, the CPA Exam senior-itis is not making it easier.



    Haha senioritis



    I agree, it is my last section, and I even took off a month of studying so I would be motivated for it….yea…didnt happen.


    cpa one day

    I am with you guys. This last one is terrible – I just want this to be over with. I take Reg this Thursday and then the waiting begins….



    Agreed, Reg Sucks bad

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