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    What are the most efficient/effective ways to use the research tab in Reg? Please share what has worked or what hasn't worked for you. Also, if there is a website or something that I can practice on, that'd be great!



    The search works. However, before you take the exam, look into the IRC – internal revenue code. Maybe browse and become more familiar and comfortable before you are in the testing center.



    What search works?



    The effectiveness of the research tab kinda depends on how much you know about the simulation topic (otherwise you won't really know what to search for). It helps if you have a general understanding about the topic and just need to look up the specific rule (e.g. If ABC happens, what do I do? Does XYZ make this an exception?). It's not so easy that you can type in a few key words and it'll spit out exactly what you need. You need to spend some time reading through and searching for the specific rules, which can be pretty time consuming, but really helpful if you manage to find it.



    Hi! I use Becker and the professional literature is included in their SIMS, but I remembered reading something on the AICPA website and I think you can get access to it by going here:

    good luck!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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