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    Is anyone using Roger CPA review? I have taken 3 parts so far and failed all 3. I feel like this isn't working. Any feedback?

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    You can fail with Becker, Roger, or Ninja if you aren't studying enough. What are your study habits? I'm not putting the blame on you, but we just have to get some idea of what you've been doing for those three exams.


    Lots of Roger students have walked down these halls over the past 10 years. He's a good instructor. You likely need to adjust “how” you're studying.

    Do this – but adapt it to your Roger materials:


    I failed FAR twice using Roger. Added the Wiley test bank and passed FAR on my third try. I used Roger alone for audit and passed. Using Roger for REG now and planning on adding the Wiley test bank. I think the way Roger presents the material is great and he is definitely entertaining and makes the topics more understandable, but I think the MCQs are a little too easy at times, which is why I add the Wiley test bank. Only reason I didn’t use Wiley test bank for audit is because I felt more confident with audit in general.

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