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    When an S corporation distributes property to a sharedholder with a FMV greater than NBV, does the S corporation recognize a gain? Similar to how a C Corporation would recognize it?



    Yes, it's treated as if the S Corp sold the property to the shareholder for FMV and the S Corp recognizes gain. Losses on distributions where FMV < Adjusted Basis are disallowed and reduce the shareholder's stock basis. Shareholder's basis in distributed property is FMV whether gain or loss.




    So the S corporation recognizes a gain on property distribution to shareholder (FMV – Basis = lets say $10k), the shareholders basis increases by $10k (if this shareholder owns 100% of the stock), and then the shareholders basis decreases by the FMV of the property distributed from the S Corporation?

    Shareholder Basis:

    Initial Basis

    +Income items (separately and nonseparately stated) – this section would include the 10k

    +Additional shareholder investments in corp stock

    -Distributions to shareholders – this section would include the FMV of property received

    -Loss or expense – loss could only be taken up to the basis (which includes the amount of loans to corporation o/s)

    =Ending balance

    Just want to make sure I understand it…

    Any other thoughts? =/



    whoa! what if the property distributed to the S shareholder was initially the ownership of a C corporation and it had a built-in-gain? Then the corporation would be taxed on the gain at the C level! Plus the shareholder would pay taxes on that gain as well..there goes the double taxation again!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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