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    Hi all cpas
    Merry Christmas
    i had passed the 4 parts of exam within 20 month due to the delay of score release during 2017 2018 as it was released once every quarter now i need to file an extension request with NH board does any know have idea how can i do this as i don't have any fund to study a new part as i am already in debts and without a job waiting for passing the certificate


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    You should probably call the State Board and inquire. Some states are really strict so you might want to prepare a good reason for an extension. It is my understanding some boards only grant them for extraordinary circumstances. I don't know how strict NH is and maybe they grant them all the time but be prepared for an uphill battle you will likely lose if the only reason you have is because you didn't get your scores fast enough.



    When I inquired of my state board regarding this matter, I was told that to petition the 18-month window, I needed to (1) pass all four parts of the exam and THEN (2) apply for my license. In doing so, I would have been required to attach proper documentation as to why I was not able to pass within 18-months (such as letters from physician(s), copies of military call up papers, copies of death notices, etc.). Granted, I did not have to petition the 18-month window because I successfully passed both of my exams on my next attempts, I was told that generally the board has accepted – medical conditions experienced by the applicant or a close family member; the applicant's being called into active military duty; a death in the applicant's family; hardware or software failure at the testing site; unexpected closure of the applicant's testing site due to inclement weather, etc.

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    what is the rule regarding expiry of exam results? Is it 18 months from when you first sat for an exam or when you first passed an exam? I passed my first exam. I say in July and found out in September, when does the 18 moth window start?

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