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    @jeff def go back to BEC. you were so close you don't want any of the info to slip away. you can probably study for like 2 weeks and retake it early april, then go right back into your next exam.

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    AUD: 72, 74, 78
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    Passed BEC (again! since I lost credit). 3 for 3 in this testing quarter!!!



    @ahugemistake I spent about 130 hours total, probably 8 hours on the app. I completed the Becker course (lectures, skills practice, mcq's, sims, mock exams). Then I redid all marked mcq's and most sims for my two weakest units (based on mock exam and practice test results). I did all the questions (856?) on the app until I had them right, then started working them again. Yeah, I know I overstudied… It was my first exam so I didn't know what to expect. For me, the app was a great way to make use of my little bits of free time here and there (between classes, while waiting in line, etc.) since I'm attending school full-time and working. It also kept me from just memorizing answers to the Becker mcq's. For $5/month, I'd say it's definitely worth it!

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Viewing 3 posts - 151 through 153 (of 153 total)

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