Seeking Suggestions on Career Path

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    I am very struggling about where my career should move forward.

    I am currently working at audit section of a small accounting firm, about 200 employees. The firm has offices in multiple countries, US, Japan, Mexico & India, but each office is not large, and mainly provide audit, review and tax service for subsidiaries of Japanese public companies. I am in my second year at the firm and will be in charge for a couple of small review and audit engagements this busy season. I learnt a lot from my current manager and partner. But most of our client are manufacturers. I am not saying they are not good. It is just that I want to work with high profile companies with more complex financials. And, I really want to work at big 4, which will be a great experience. I am kind of obsessed with big 4. I am not sure when should be a good time for me to apply big 4. After get promoted to senior at the current firm? My current firm usually promotes associate to senior after three years. I plan to negotiate my promotion at the end of this busy season but I am not sure if they will agree. I read some earlier posts saying that it should be a good chance to apply for big 4 after the first year with a small firm.So I'm worried even if I apply after the second year, I have to be a staff at big four for another year or even longer. How people who are at semi-senior level get promoted in big 4? Any insight will be deeply appreciated.

    BTW, I just finished all four exams in January. Good luck to everyone who is studying for it.

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