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    I started this journey a year ago. I know many others have had much worse experience than I have had. Im really starting to doubt myself if I could even pass FAR now. Everyone that I started my job with are passing, either with 1 section left or are waiting for their final score release. While I am still 2 parts to go and not to even say these individuals started studying later than I did.

    I told my relative that I failed again… one who is in med school and even diminished the certification by saying, “I wish Med School was like that. It is almost like a free certification.” I was sad to hear how could one even compare and downplay this exam, let alone, one's hard work and effort they put in. It is just very depressing and feel like my study habits isn't working for FAR and I am at a loss not knowing what else I could do to pass this part.

    Looking back, I should definitely have stuck with FAR before moving on but I was dumb enough to listen to a friend who told me to move on to another part and then circle back after going through all parts.. For those that are new to the exam journey do not move on until you pass each section! That would be my biggest advice otherwise 1 year would fly back. I started this back in Feb of 2016 and I am still not done. While all my accounting friends are already done with their exams.

    I guess this post is just a rant and to offer some insight on my journey. Thanks to those that took time out to read. Any suggestions would also be appreciated to help me pass FAR. Thanks

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    FAR-65, 62, 57, 79

    3 down 1 more to go. BEC is on the Line 🙁



    Everyone has a different experience with the CPA exam. Just because you moved on to other sections doesn't mean you did the wrong thing. I failed FAR too last month, but I think I made the right decision moving on to AUD. Yes I know the feeling of people far younger than me, acing all four on the first try. And of course, those who say “oooh, sorry to hear that” is not going to make me feel any better, so that's why I pick and choose who I talk about the exam with. But, I never let it kill my goal of *sometime* passing the exam. BTW, CPA is much cheaper than med school and, I think, inherently more enjoyable in the end – I would never wanna be a doctor!! And, I don't think you probably do either!
    Some people have to fail a lot of times on this thing before they finally pass. It'd be nice if they made it easier but they're never going to. So, all we can do is just keep going and roll with it.

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    Man Op your post seems like its talking straight to me. For you to start the journey a year ago working and have 2 sections down is great. Ive started over 2 years ago and I still haven't cracked FAR. Dont lose hope! EVeryone has different exam methods but the one important tip I can give is the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again. So you failed FAR, chances are the method you studied might need to be changed up. Dont repeat what you did before. You might need a different software set of questions or you may need to find a study group or build flashcards if you haven't yet. Best wishes!



    Oh come on Spartan- don't beat yourself up like that! I am right there in the same boat with you with 2 FAR fails under my belt and starring down the third that I am seriously doubting that I can pass. NEVER let anyone who has not gone through this journey themselves tell you how easy it is / make you feel bad for struggling- this stuff is HARD… ask anyone who has gone through it before. I actually was talking to a man last weekend who just retired as a CFO of a major corporation- somehow the CPA exam came up (okay fine I brought it up because that's all I can seem to talk about these days 🙂 ) and he told me how he could not pass the Tax portion (what is now REG) for the life of himself. It got to the point that he almost gave up… he failed it four times and said he doesn't know what he would have done if he failed it a 5th time. It struck a chord with me because here was this person who has had a very successful career and almost gave up because he thought he could not pass a section.

    Secondly everyone is different- don't beat yourself up on how you chose to tackle the exam. I was like you and decided to move forward and circle back to the sections I failed. That is just the way my brain works- I can't tell you whether I would have passed FAR had I stuck with it instead of moving on to REG after my first fail because I will never know. No need to second guess yourself this late in the game it doesn't do you any good and can totally eff with your head if you aren't careful.

    This third time with FAR I bought new material- clearly my old way was not working- who knows if it will pay off- and yes I am still struggling with topics and still not certain I will pass it this go round. BUT all I can do is put one foot in front of the other. You have come too far to beat yourself up and give up…. come one you can do this 🙂 Good Luck!!

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    Don't get down. You can do this! I am just chiming in to say that I agree with you about not moving on. I felt like I tried it both ways and it worked best for me if I stuck to the section until I passed it. It doesn't work for everyone of course, but for me it kept me focused on the one section and forever in review mode until I passed. FAR is a beast. I really do not know if I could pass that one again. I barely passed with a 75 as is. It was the first one I passed and I was so thankful for that. There is so much to cover. They are all hard for different reasons, but my becker professor once said…FAR is the hardest to study for but easiest to pass. Meaning you have to just about know everything but it cannot all be tested, so hopefully what you get on the test is what you know.

    Good luck to you.

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    Thanks guys. And Mckan, I hope you will be done with FAR soon! It is definitely the toughest of all imo. I have been listening to Les Brown motivational speech the last few days trying to keep me some push to study during this busy season. 🙂

    I really hate the score release for Q2 but nothing I can do.. just hoping to be done and not worry so I can enjoy my summer. Best of luck to you all. Mckan.. If you end up passing I really hope you can make a post on your method 🙂 Thanks! Im thinking about moving to Roger and ditch becker for my 3rd try.

    BEC - 76
    REG- 67, 85
    AUD-63, 74, 80!!
    FAR-65, 62, 57, 79

    3 down 1 more to go. BEC is on the Line 🙁



    Spartans92 – Come on you scored 85 in REG. You can easily do it .Just be focused and don't get diverted . I used BECKER for FAR. First attempt was 63 and second attempt got 80. For both attempts I used Becker only. Just watched few additional videos in youtube for topics I felt I needed more understanding of the basics. Again you passed REG and you can easily do it. Just believe in yourself and you are doing absolutely great 🙂

    12 more days to go – Plan well, study effectively and give your best.

    Wish you all the best 🙂

    AUD - 75
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 80
    REG - 86



    Greetings! I want to say I feel very familiar with you, even though we only communicate through this forum. I feel like I've suffered with you as just you've suffered with me. I also need to remind you that I was informed of my two fails within weeks of each other.

    First of all, no one makes you feel inferior about your accomplishments without your consent. You've achieved them with your own potential, let them worry about their own potential and how they can pass or retake their boards on their own.

    Also, to each their own. I don't believe in sticking to one section forever because after like 5 fails, you need a win. So I would move on and learn something else. That method worked for my co-worker (it took her 4 tries to pass REG and you took 2, so please don't compare). I only stayed with FAR because I believed that I lacked in my studying, thus I redid it. I didn't continue REG after FAR. I moved to AUD bc I needed a fresh state of mind. I TRULY think your issue is comparison, it's hard, I do it too. But you can definitely pass this. Please move at your own pace. I wasn't kidding when I said that if you can pass REG, you can pass FAR. Look at my REG score, miracle that I passed. Studying for all sections suck, but I found FAR a little more bearable than REG. Let me say how.

    1) Comb through each section and make sure you understand it. At least when you guess, you can make an educated one.
    2) Spend the time and review the basics. You think you know inventory, depreciation, or impairment and etc., but you should review again.
    3) I would make the effort to understand J/E because it will make your life so much easier. I googled debits/credits and the accounting equation throughout studying, just to understand what I was studying. It is NOT shameful to go back to the basics.
    4) Don't be so hard on yourself. At the end of the day, you have a job and you have passed 2 sections. Don't despair.

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    Thanks guys for the positivity! I think I was pretty lucky to pass REG since I work in tax and that helped a little on the exam. I have never been great with financial accounting and I guess by telling myself that is just toxic and negative. I agree that I shouldn't compare but its a bit rough when none of my family member understands.. and everyone else around me is passing. I really appreciate this forum and everyone on here that gives me or anyone else the courage to continue on. Without y'all I would have quit long ago possibly.

    Definitely need a win for AUD. I will be ecstatic and motivated to finish once Im 3/4 done. @hasy, I'm surprised you still come on here even after being done. Really appreciate everyones' kind words!

    The issue I'm having with FAR is though I did work through all the becker hw and I scored in the low 70's and I thought I understood but when actual exam comes it is so much harder and my score shows that. Do you guys suggest switching to another program?

    BEC - 76
    REG- 67, 85
    AUD-63, 74, 80!!
    FAR-65, 62, 57, 79

    3 down 1 more to go. BEC is on the Line 🙁



    #1 dont tell people you're sitting for the exam. The only people who knew were my husband, daughter, parents and sister.

    #2 the number one thing I an tell you that helped me with FAR was writing out my own notes from Becker lectures.

    VA CPA

    Good Lordy Me

    Agree with Allegra, very few if any know my journey. Heck when I went back to school to get the 150 hrs I told basically no one, including NOT telling my family. Now that I'm sitting for exams, basically less than 6 people close to me have any clue. It kinda is “fun” being my own secret too!



    @Spartans keep your head up! Whenever I failed an exam, I would get so riddled with self doubt but you have to channel that doubt into focus! Your AUD score is on the rise so I bet you knock that out in Feb, then give FAR everything you got and you're done with this thing. Its OK to feel the doubt, I felt it all the time, but don't let it bury you and use it as something to drive you. Good luck you can do it!

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