Software crashed in the middle of SIMS!!!

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    Has this happened to anyone recently? I was in the middle of the 5th of 6 REG SIMs and the software crashed! The Prometric proctor reset my computer but could not reload the test. We then tried to call the Prometric IT dept but due to a huge, nationwide issue with the GRE exam, they had us on hold for 1.5 hours! I unfortunately couldn't wait there any longer as I had to relieve my babysitter, but now I had to call Prometric Candidate Care and then email the NASBA Candidate Care and it says they will get back to me in 5 business days! I can't wait that long – due to the test changes at 4/1, I am trying to squeeze in my last part on March 9! Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this??

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    Yes it happened when i was taking FAR exam. It crashed before 30 min of my exam time but fortunately it came up and i was is no rush. Staff member gave me a ticket or some sort of number and tell me that if AICPA inquiry regarding the time gap, just give them this number.
    Actually i was glad that it crashed as it allowed me to take a break, rethink my sim's answers. I don't think it has any need for worry.

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    you'll probably have to take it again, on their dime…..what a bummer. The disadvantages of dependence upon electronics. It's like losing the signal on the cell phone for an important call or job interview follow up.

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    It happened same with me today. My computer crashed 5 times and I had to go out and asked the assistant to reboot it. I ran out of time and did not have enough time to finish my SIMs.
    However, they did not give me a ticket. Can I still claim to Nasba without a ticket?

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