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    I saw others posted similar questions, but I didn't take a look of the content. Until today, which i have encountered the same question.

    I use Wiley 2012 for my review of auditing. On the back of the AU 325 outline, ” timing of communications (sig. defi and material weakness) – best if by report release date, the date the auditor grants the entity permission to use the audit report; but no later than 60 days following the report release date.” ok, if i understand correctly, it's ok to communicate with management and the audit committee within 60 days after the report release date, right?

    Then, just moments ago, I went to check on for related AU. I found this:”The auditor must communicate in writing to management and the audit committee all significant deficiencies and material weaknesses identified during the audit. The written communication should be made prior to the issuance of the auditor's report on the financial statements.” #4.

    I mean….. which sources should I trust??? I used Wiley for all other parts of CPA examination, and I passed those parts(Thank you Wiley!). But, no doubt, they make mistakes, especially on FAR. For auditing, which source should I trust, please help me. And, on the real exam, if in case that same question pop up, which one should i pick. Thanks for the help!!! (By the way, sick of these dates, had it on REG, now again for AUD!)



    I would say the PCAOB website always trumps any review course.



    Don't forget that Auditing standards and PCAOB standards differ in some areas. Could that be why you are getting conflicting info?



    re apbandj:

    u r right! I just check SAS, aicpa's version is different from pcaob's…..

    but, for the AUD examination, should we study both? Wiley refers from aicpa, so??? getting confuse already!

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