Study for FAR in 1 month???? NTS expires on 2/17/11

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    I stupidly paid for my NTS in middle of August thinking I would be ready for AUD come the end of August. I wasn't so I ended up being a test behind from the very beginning. I took AUD first Monday in October, then took REG the day before Thanksgiving.

    I was hoping then to take BEC at the start of this window, but the holidays were way more distracting than I imagined.

    So now I'm in a bind as I just took BEC Friday and let myself relax over the holiday weekend.

    Is it possible to study for this in a months time?

    I work full time for a non-profit 8:30am-5:30pm. I usually average 2 hours of studying after work, but this morning was the first time I woke up at 5:30 am and studied for 1-1.5 hours before work. I plan on sticking with it until this study schedule until the next exam. I know people usually say 6-7 weeks for FAR, but has anyone done it in under 5 and passed?

    Should I take it slow and expect to fail and keep studying after the exam in anticipation of failing it and taking it at the start of next window?

    Or should I push through 3 Becker lectures a week and give myself ~10 days for a final review?



    I think its possible but yeah you will have to increase your study time quite a bit. If you are single and don't have kids it will be much easier and we'd better not see you on here wasting time when you can be studying (just kidding of course!)



    How much coffee in one day is unhealthy? Because I'm gonna need a bunch to get through this.



    Jeff had a thread not long ago and I am too lazy to search it for you but it was on energy boosters and different suggestions (hey a 20 minute walk will do as much for you if not more than coffee). I think it touted the benefits of fish oil if I remember correctly.

    I survived 14 months of living on 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Not fun but eye on the prize, and in 4 weeks hopefully it will just be a memory to you!



    You absolutely can do it! And I actually think it's better. I spent 4 months studying for AUD (trying for the Sells award, which is out the window), and I found that I ended up having to learn things twice. My short term memory is great but it's very short term, like it's good for about 3 weeks. If you have a much better short term memory, maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal. What I'm doing now is spending 3-4 weeks studying for FAR hard core so I can lessen my chances of forgetting stuff. There were several questions on my AUD section that I remembered reading (especially questions about general PCAOB stuff) that was just a simple memory recall thing that I couldn't recall because it'd been so long ago. Just commit to spending your time doing nothing else for 4 weeks, and tell yourself that you can do anything for 4 weeks and then it'll be over with.

    OH, also, read the ENTIRE pdf of the pomodoro technique. It's a game changer.

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