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    I have not taken FAR, and I know there is some overlap with these exams, so I am unsure if not taking FAR is playing a role in this. I've been studying AUD and it honestly feels like I lack common sense or the ability to think logically or rationally with some of the MCQs, which may be the case!

    Aside from just hammering out MCQs, and possibly going back and re-reading the text, is there anything I can apply to kind of help narrow out some of the answers? Or any questions I can ask myself when going over these questions? I understand this is a bit vague, but I can try and find a question where I struggle to get the correct answer.



    Regardless of what you may hear, there is no specific order you need to take the exams in. There is limited overlap between AUD & FAR. Honestly, I felt having studied for AUD was more helpful for FAR than it would have been the other way around. A lot of people on this forum would probably disagree with that. I think AUD is tough because it's fairly conceptual and you have to understand the big picture ideas. Hammering MCQ may work when you're working on application-based items. However, it's harder on AUD to transfer this since you're not repeating the same process over and over. My advice is to look at the ideas big picture. Make sure you have a solid grasp of WHY you're doing something, before you look at how to do it. I found audit to be one of my more tricky undergrad courses. I would watch youtube videos on areas I was struggling with. Sometimes, its having someone else say something in a different way that finally makes it click for you.

    Chandler Priest

    Licensed TX CPA

    REG 01/27/18 - 98

    BEC 03/03/18 - 96

    AUD 04/07/18 - 91

    FAR 06/02/18 -96



    Thank you Chandler, I appreciate the advice! I know there is no specific order to take these exams, I've completed REG, and decided to try and squeeze AUD in before this quarter ended. Every time I do get a question incorrect, I'm always asking, “But why?” I'll definitely search for other videos.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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