Supplemental Sections @ The End of Book Chapters?

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    I Was wondering if these supplemental sections at the end of the chapters of the book are necessary?

    If it makes any difference, I'm talking about the AUD book.

    Can we skip them entirely or should we just look over them quickly and then move on to the next, focusing on the main chapter pages instead?

    On something of a time crunch so I just want to be sure….. all the chapters together are 700 pages with these supplements included so I imagine it's best to just glance over the supplements but focus on the main book?

    Thank you very much!


    Mission CPA

    Do not skip! I skipped it my first go around with AUD and regretted it. It is worth the time and effort to review. It was my go to section while I studied for my second attempt at AUD, which I passed.

    AUD - 80
    BEC - 79
    FAR - 80
    REG - 78
    One good test day is all you need!
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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