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    FAR was brutal. I have no clue how I performed other than on Testlet 1, which was a breeze–almost too easy. It went downhill from there…Testlets 2 & 3 were quite difficult, and the sims were no picnic either. I'm certain that I missed most or all of 1 of the 7. On a couple of others, I know that I missed at least part of them. My research sims were difficult. All in all, I could have scored a 50 for all I know. Perhaps I'll get lucky and get a 75. No way did I pass with flying colors.

    Mistakes I made that I need to avoid next time (I hope there is no next time, but just in case):

    1.Spent too much time rereading questions and checking answers in Testlet 1. I spent 45 minutes on it, but could have finished in 25.

    2. Began to panic during Testlets 2 & 3, and ran a bit over my time budget. Panicking interferes with my ability to focus.

    3. Allowed myself 1.5 hours for the sims; 1.75-to-2 hours would have been ideal.

    4. Took the exam without adequate sleep. I have insomnia. I should have scheduled an exam for the late afternoon or evening.

    Well, that's it. I'm beat. Now begins the minimum 3-week wait.




    take a deep breath. it is over and now the hard part begins: waiting. Certainly sounds like the mcq's were good for you. I think 2 and 3 being difficult is a very good sign. They throw out one sim, so hopefully that is the one that you missed. Keep the faith, I think you did well. 🙂

    look at it this way…you don't have to eat lean cuisine …hopefully ever!!! Go out and have some fun!

    Best of luck!



    Thanks, yankee! I'm trying to relax, but I'm not there just yet. I keep thinking that I probably made a series of silly mistakes because I was so tired and stressed. I'm going to go hang out at my neighbor's house later and put my feet in the pool.

    I have a few Lean Cuisine's left in my freezer, but once those are gone, that's it! No more Lean Cuisines! Yay!



    Sounds like you did ok. The one sim that you missed was probably a pretest, and MCQ getting harder in testlet 2 and 3 is good sign! Rawrrr! enjoy next three weeks!



    @T-Rex–sounds like your exam was difficult which is a good sign. You did prepare yourself well and that will translate into your passing score! I'm sure the weight has lifted and you should feel good about being donezo!



    T-rex: I felt bad after my AUD too. The next day I felt better. Get some rest and have fun.

    I think u did well. Sims are crazy for everybody. There is no way a person can get all sims right….maybe only some crazy rainman.



    It has taken me about a week to unwind from the battle. You need to let it go, as hard as that may sound. It is totally out of our control now.

    I was so glad to not buy Lean Cuisine's at the store today. Real food will take some getting used to…

    I will be SHOCKED if you get anything below 80.



    Thanks, Everyone, for all of the support! I'm definitely still wound up. The more I think about the exam, the more I realize all of the things I missed, like one of the research sims (I think). Ugh. Well, I couldn't have done worse on the FAR sims that I did on the REG sims.

    I need to quit worrying about it. What's done is done.

    May we all pass so that we can move on to bigger and better things!



    That's pretty much what I'm expecting tomorrow T-Rex. Hope you did well and you are done.

    PS – I'm also hoping they dont delay releasing scores because of the hurricane



    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, pshustler!



    T-rex your experience sounds just like mine…the first testlet was fairly straightforward and I nailed it, then the second and third were much more difficult. My sims weren't over the top…challenging but fair…and I think I did well. Also my second and third had a LOT of questions from one particular topic (starts with I and rhymes with firs)…hope they were mostly pretest questions!! Good luck, and let the waiting begin…

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