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    Ok, here's my situation. I've been studying since late June for REG. I've complete Yaeger's normal course, and some of the cram. I don't have a chance…I have myself to blame. My test is Wednesday.

    I've been cramming for the last week and my head is all over the place. I have a solid grasp on Ind Tax, Property, and Partnerships. I'm severally lacking in Corp Tax, Gift/Estate Tax, all of Business Law, and all of the July updates. So I got a good grasp on maybe 30-40% of the material.

    We have two kids (6 &7) and I started strong in July, but throw in a couple of late summer vacations, a job, and the fizzling of motivation and here I am…4 days until the test. My wife has been great for being supportive, but juggling work and the kids all summer caught up to me. And I decided not to ruin the vacation's by studying.

    Here's the positives right now. I'm on a 4 day work week and work night's (3pm-1am)…leaving my days to study. The kids just started school last week (Alleluia!). My schedule is great for studying, and I retain info best once I wake up, I'll easily be able to do 6 hours a day M-F for AUD & FAR, plus weekends.

    What do I do about REG? Here's my thoughts. I absolutely take it. But, I go in with the idea of using the test as more of a research (trial run) on what to expect from it once I have to retake it. I also think I'll approach studying in a whole new manner on my next sections. This summer I was so concentrated on getting through the modules I failed to concentrate what was really in the them, thinking I'd magically know them somehow, doh!

    I have the NINJA notes and figured I'll just review them a few times for the test, so at least I'm familiar on the surface with the format and the vocab. I hate that I'm in this position, but really is 4 days enough (3 days off in that time) to try to get it together? Just work Wiley test bank MCQ's non-stop?

    Part of me wants to say enough and open AUD with the understanding that I at least learned I have to understand each module before moving on, maybe bumping up AUD to give more time for FAR? I know my plan of attack will be different going forward at least. The idea of moving onto AUD is somewhat appealing to me, like a fresh start or something that will help get my motivation back.

    I'm so scatter brained right now that I can't get myself to concentrate on hardly anything in REG…what would some of you do?



    Don't move on until regulation is done. You have already spent the time, just keep going. It will start to sink in. I have the same problem with the sections. The first time through I don't understand anything and want to quit. It will all come together if you keep it up. The 18 month window expires before you think. I'm kicking myself know knowing credits could expire if I don't pass. The test just keep getting harder and harder. I wouldn't want to lose BEC credit…



    I think out of all the sections, REG is the absolute toughest to “cram.” There are just too many small details to know. I think you should take it….maybe to give yourself a chance, try and just COPY word for word Jeff's NINJA notes on the business law stuff…a lot of it is pure memorization and some of it will stick if you WRITE..as much as you can

    Take it…you never know…I felt absolutely defeated a couple days before FAR and was sure I was going to fail…then took it and was even more certain that I failed..ended up with an 84. BEC, I felt extremely confident (before,during, and after the exam) both times I took it. First time 68, second time 76.

    The exams are about as unpredictable as it gets 🙂



    I'm trying to study for REG and I'm supposed to take it on 8/30, that is if everything is still on after Irene hits us. I honestly do not know what to do myself. Unlike other people, I feel like the exam is going to crush me not because I didn't study enough, but because I overstudied. I've been driving myself crazy trying to know EVERYTHING so now my brain is fried. When I try to do questions now, I feel so exhausted and I'm making more careless mistakes than ever. My brain is just toasted. Questions I was able to tackle successfully a week ago, I'm now getting them wrong because my brain is just toasted from all this studying. I've never had this issue with FAR and AUD. REG is just insane!!! Too many small, little nitpicky things to remember. I'm tired, exhausted, and I'm in a state of panic!!! And this hurricane approaching isn't helping things. Argh!!!!



    Can I give you some tough love? First of all, with a family, something is always going to come up. It is brutal to do this while working and all of the duties that come with a spouse and children. I have personally wrote the book on burn out. You are not likely to ever find a “good” time for this.

    Second of all, two little people are watching you and don't underestimate how much they perceive. Show them now how we handle major challenges. What have they already sacrificed toward your REG exam? There's only one way to reward them for their contribution and that is to do whatever it takes right now so their sacrifices are validated.

    When I feel like I “can't” that's the talk I give myself. We are all in this together.


    @ Vern, yep. I absolutely don't want to retake BEC. I'm not there yet and should use all my time wisely.

    @ eartzi, yes thanks. Business law is where I need to concentrate right now. 40% of the exam, and I have a base built on it. Actually, after I posted this I came to the conclusion that I need to throw 75% of my attention at this right now. Good idea on re-writing the notes. It is pure memorization, and I got the base down…its where I need to concentrate right now.

    @ CPAMan, I get a lot of questions right because I stop and tell myself, “What would common sense do?” I mean common sense in the framework of the overall tax theory of the subject. That whole redistrubtion of wealth ideology. So many fine details, it becomes overwhelming.

    @ mla1169, that was tough love? lol. I really keep things bottled up good and don't show it. I love pressure and being backed into a corner, but this is one of the most trying times of doing so. My wife and I try to keep our emotions away from the kids, and for the most part we do (probably a post for the sticky on kids…) But anyways, thanks for the reminder on what is truly most important in life. And I think my post here was a release of the pressure more than anything.

    So, after posting this I came up with some sort of game plan that was reaffirmed after reading some of the responses. I couldn't concentrate on anything so my wife came home to pick me up to shop and do a normal day of dinner and family time.

    I'm in a great position to finish off these sections, even if I don't pass REG this time around. I'm gonna throw 75% of my time at Bus Law, and follow up on the July updates in the next three days to give myself a slim dimmer of hope. Who knows, maybe I don't get a Corp Tax Sim *fingers crossed*.

    The other thing I thought of is to do REG again (if it comes to that point…probably) at the end of Nov instead of FAR. Then FAR will be the high pressure test in Feb…but that's something in the future, I dont need to worry about that right now. Besides I already have the material for REG. And I'm in a great position to study wih the kids back in school and my work schedule. I can't tell you how awesome it is to sleep 7 hours and wake up to a silent house…I must take advantage of this. Things are so relative mla1169, I'm entering my “Go time”.

    I'm gonna take the test under no pressure to “must pass it now”. Rather, i'm gonna write it off as a $180 R&D type of thing if I don't pass. I think the best 4 hours I spend on this exam is actually taking it. It's almost weird, not to put the pressure on myself, but I'm gonna look at it as pressure free and use it as a trial run. Might be the best $180 I ever spent…

    Thanks for the replys. I got some work to do…on REG right now, AUD is next 🙂 Who know's…Jeff's notes might come in big time here…



    Good luck! I agree with what was written, and go for it! You can't lose anything by trying REG now, you may just do amazingly well!


    Macc Grad

    Hey all, it's me again. I redid my user name, cuz there are only about 4 people in ND that took this test the same time. Yeah, we're not CA up here in the great northern plains. I re-registered, cuz it's pretty obvious for those I graduated with who I was.

    Anyways. I was pitched such a loff ball on this exam that I felt semi-confident. I don't have $$ at my disposal but I would've placed a $500 bet that I failed this exam. I was sersiously owned hard by the Sims, even though they were very easy, repsectively speaking. My Sims were definnatley in the Yaeger Cram and Yaeger regular course…i so did the minimum.

    I did not review ANYTHING that I didn't already know prior to taking this exam. The 3 days I spent prior to the exam was spent on setting up AUD. I'm not a smart guy, but I went in soooo loooose to taking this. I was so confident that I was gonna have to do a retake I forgot the things I actualy knew. I went in confident I was gonna fail, and I squeeked by my advice, sit for any exam you registered to take.

    I just got back from work tonight and still stunned I passed. One f'en question would've been my demise. I was so owned by the Sims, but so not carrying made me hit the MCQ's out of the park as I think that happened.

    I had 40 minutes left when I left Prometric. i walked out thinking, “that sucks!” But still hopefull I passed. I've never flown through MCQ's that fast in college.

    I'm one of the lucky ones i guess. But do what Phil says on his lectures and you'll get a better score than I do, cuz I scrapped big time for this.

    I'm still in shock.

    And yes, Gary rocks for AUD. I knew right away he was spelling it out…..But then again, I'm only half way there.

    By the hair on my chinny chin chin….

    Take it, you'll be suprised 🙂




    Same thing happened to me. I knew I wasn't prepared but I took it anyways since I felt like I was putting it off long enough. Started studying for it in FEB. I felt like I didn't know almost half of the MCQs and luckily I got 2 research sims but for the rest I changed the answers many, many times. I felt so terrible I didn't even check my scores for a couple weeks. But as scores started coming I started getting more and more hopeful. Somehow I pulled an 86 out of my ass. Comparable on MCQs and stronger on the SIMS….So ya you never know what can happen that's for sure.

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