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    So i took BEC today and don’t feel too good about it.. I think I’m going to switch softwares and cause i struggled with the calculations.. i heard Wiley is good..any other suggestions?



    lol, that’s the epitome of exam question disclosure 🙂





    man wiley really seem to be the go to software this year… it helped alot with AUD now everyone saying its good for BEC



    @sheabird125 – What software are you currently using to study for BEC?



    rknight21 – I didn’t like how the Wiley BEC book was organized, and the software uses the same organization. However, the test bank questions were good. I did all the problems for each exam and thought it was excellent for FAR, AUD, and business law, good for BEC, and OK for tax.



    @ SheaBird125. It’s interesting you say that because I took BEC on tuesday and I actually had trouble with the theory questions. I used becker and felt okay with the calculations. However, I might have gotten a little easier calculation questions than you got.



    With Becker I feel like B5 should come right after B1 and then econ, finance and finally IT. Seems like it is more connected to Cost and it is tougher to grasp than the other sections. But maybe that’s just me.

    I think B5 has the toughest computations along with finance, but waiting all the way until the end for the toughest computations doesn’t make much sense, especially since it has to be reviewed more than once.



    I used Becker…and I completely agree with WhyMe23…i had gotten through sections 1-4 and all the homework with maybe 3 days before the exam and i thought I would be fine, but B-5 I felt was just a different animal…

    I really don’t like how Becker goes through an example in the lecture and its the easiest example and very straightforward and then you get to the homework and im just like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have no clue where to start with this calculation

    …anyway, the test is over and done with, onto Regulation and after that ill probably retake BEC again unless i passed by the skin of my teeth…anyone use Becker for REG? is it better than it was for BEC?



    Wiley was insufficient for the new topics! I didnt think that AICPA would include theory questions that needed comprehensive reading of the new topics! Ohh CPA exam you surprised me!




    As you’ll gather from reading other posts on this forum, there’s disagreement as to how well Becker does on REG. I thought it was better than BEC mainly because it was organized better. I used the Becker text and passmaster questions, the Wiley test and test bank, and the Ninja notes. I thought the following of Becker –

    Pros – good coverage of business law, pretty good coverage of tax

    Cons – way too much ancillary material with the implication that it’s unlikely to be tested (don’t believe this), confusion as to which tax laws are being tested since the text was published prior to the tax law extensions at the end of 2010 (I took my exam 4/29 and some topics were updated but many weren’t)

    Some people have said that Becker did a good job preparing them for the MCQ as long as you study all the text; I studied the ancillary material and thought it did a decent job for about 80-85%. Nothing can prepare you for the SIMS. A few people have said they were tough but fair; most, however, saw at least 1 or 2 that were unbelievable and like nothing they saw in Becker. Another complaint that several people had (including myself) is the wording of questions. Even if you know the material, it’s tough to give the right answer if you can’t understand the question. There’s always going to be a couple of questions that are confusing, but I found REG to be the worst as far as both the degree of confusion and the number of questions like this.

    I didn’t have access to the videos so I don’t know if they are addressing this as they get feedback on the exam. If I were you, I’d make sure to get info re the updates associated w/ the recent tax law changes and those related to the new material to be covered as of July.

    Good luck!!!! I hope I’m not having to go through it again, although I’m afraid I might.

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