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    Hi Guys,

    Took REG today and felt totally disappointed. REG is my last section . Last time took in December and failed with 72. I need to pass REG before Feb 28th . My BEC credit expires on Feb 28th.

    I thought I prepared well. I bought BECKER supplementary questions which covered AMT and property taxes on top of the regular Becker self study exam review and Becker Final review.Total – 1983 MCQ's + 242 MCQ's.Also bought Gliem and Ninja Notes. Went throught Gliem's SIMS.Took a week time off from work and also used the 10 days holiday in December for studying.


    1st teslet : super easy
    2nd testlet : very very difficult – Not able to answer at all.
    3rd testlet : Easy

    SIMS : Didn't had time to complete the DRS SIM.
    : Research looked easy but confusing – Doesn't know whether it is correct or not.

    In total 2 SIMS kinda of confident.

    Felt like did much better than in the REG first attempt.

    Totally disappointed and depressed. For me REG seems to be the toughest among all 4 sections.If I fail I am not sure if I can retake REG and BEC again. Literally exhausted and tired. Also need to focus on my career and 16 months gone with this exams preparation.

    Good luck to all of you πŸ™‚


    How did you do in the rest of 3 SIMS ?



    I think you passed.



    @esenthil- Most people feel the same the day of their exam. Hopefully you pulled it off this time. Did you feel like Gleim helped prepare you better for the sims?



    Sounds like you had a medium hard medium experience.

    Don't get down until you know for sure. You can still pass with a medium medium medium.



    PS After reading your post a second time, it almost seems like information overload to me.

    “Regular” Becker, Supplemental Becker, Becker Final Review, Gleim, Ninja.

    That's just too much if you ask me. Stick with ONE good review product. Becker is all that is needed if you study correctly.

    Good luck!



    Thank you guys. Got really nervous after getting a 72 in REG first attempt and bought all these materials which is totally crazy . I think Becker supplementary questions had lot of AMT, property and Estate questions which was helpful when preparing for the exam.

    Again SIMS came from random topics. Its better to understand the concepts from all the topics in TAX.Just don't ignore any topics.Just focus on Tax and Tax. I think I saw very less BL questions and again wasted too much time in preparing for BL. Becker almost has 750 questions in Blaw and 3 (6,7 and 8th)chapters.

    Anyone passed with easy/Medium-hard-easy/Medium and SIMS average ? Last time I got Stronger in MCQ's and Weaker in SIMS. I think this time it is going to be the same or much worse than last time.

    Again good luck to all of you guys πŸ™‚
    Have to wait till Feb 23rd.



    Hi @esenthil, I feel the same way you do right now. I just took REG last Friday and I pretty much can't do anything except be paralyzed with anxiety.

    However, it sounds like you did good enough on the MCQ to get a super hard testlet, and I think that feeling confident on 2/5 SIMs is also a good sign! Seriously – no drop downs at all for those guys, it's pure insanity. Like what??

    It sounds like you were super prepared, and I bet you got those 3 points you needed to be finally done with this thing.

    Pulling for you on score release!



    Thank you so much.

    This forum has been a great support to me always. When ever I am down or I need motivation just check the messages.So supportive and helpful.

    Thank you guys for the great support.


    I have Gleim's textbooks. I'm using Roger right now but frankly, I'm getting a bit tired of it. The amount of mnemonics he uses is just insane, and I feel like his explanations for most topics in FAR and AUD just go on for miles and miles while Gleim's are more concise and to the point. Gleim's MCQ are usually long and hard but the SIMs are better than Roger's. I'm half-debating using Gleim for BEC and REG at this point. Gleim is one of the “cheapo” vendors – it's less than $1,000 for all 4 parts isn't it? That's kinda why I didn't buy it – cheap doesn't usually mean better.

    Fingers crossed for a PASS on REG!!!



    What suggestion you have for the people who are taking exam in two weeks, where to concentrate the most in tax and Business Law



    From my experience please don't ignore any topic in tax. Like you don't have to know in detail. But definitely understand high level concepts in all the tax topics. BLAW needs too much time to cover for the 15-20 percent of the questions. I don't think its worth spending more time in covering the 6,7 and 8th BLAW chapters. Try to read once quickly. The objective is not to spend more time in BLAW.For me Tax Chapter 1-4 in Becker is the most important. Then cover Ethics and last BLAW.

    Just read everything in TAX. I try to write or copy/paste one MCQ for each topic which I feel is difficult for me .For example passive activity and at risk amount – loss deduction. Have one MCQ which will cover passive activity income/loss, at risk amount and tax basis.Then you can remember the concept easily. Last 2 days it will be easy for you to revise the concept and MCQ's then going through all the MCQ's.

    Also practice SIMS. It will help you a lot.

    I have few word documents created by me. Just the basics.I am not sure if I can post it here or I can share. Just my own documents.

    Again from my experience focus on TAX and don't ignore any tax topics.

    Just plan well and you can do wonders in 2 weeks.

    All the best πŸ™‚

    crazyleon so the result is next week Thursday right – 02/23/2017. Hope we pass and get done with this beast .I am stressed and tired. I can't say this at home and no one will understand lol..



    @esenthil your prep tells me you will sure raise your score by 5-10 marks ( general rule ).Your second testlet was testimony of your good performance.It seems you did better in SIM and SIM raises your score better then MCQ.You will pass by 5-10 marks ( general rule ).



    Thank you Nath. Literally made me so happy πŸ™‚



    Thanks @esenthil, will follow your strategy.



    Well at least you felt decently confident on two of the SIMS. On my first attempt with REG, I did well on the MCQs but had a HORRIBLE time on the SIMS and ended up with a 71. Sounds like you got moderate, difficult, moderate MCQS. Even if you didn't do so well on the second testlet, your performance on the moderate testlets and the points from the SIMS might push you over into passing range. I think you will be surprised with your result. These exams have always kept me guessing. =)



    Thank you Sir. You guys always support and make me feel super good . Thanks again:-)


    may I ask what makes the sims so difficult? Is it the fact that they make you recall random nit picky details for each question? Or is it because its things you have never seen before?



    Its not difficult. Just you need to know all the minute details in tax. As I said Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4 are important.Also time management is another key factor.
    I left the research and the DRS for last. I had 25 minutes when I started the research question . Almost I used 16 minutes for the research . I am not sure whether the research is correct or not. I was really nervous when I started the DRS and only 9 minutes left. I just choose some random answers. Actually SIMS second time was much better than my first attempt in December 8th.All the best and you can do it πŸ™‚



    I have 19 days to study (can put in 8+ hours a day if need be)

    what do?



    @esenthil: keep your head up. My first attempt at AUD I thought I did well enough to pass. Was irritated to see a 71. So I studied for 3 weeks and took it again. There was no doubt in my mind that I failed the second time, but increased my score by 13 points. People rarely feel good walking out of these things.

    Now I’m in a similar position with REG myself. Scored a 71 in early December and taking it again on 3/9. Let’s be done with this thing together shall we



    Congratulations on going for your CPA! …by far the hardest thing I've done – and I've done A LOT.

    My fingers and toes are crossed for you – remember we all walk out of that room thinking we've failed and sometimes when you get the score, you're pleasantly surprised!

    Just one question – I thought the DRS weren't supposed to be on the exam until April? Is that one more thing I have to add to my study list? (I have 3 weeks and counting…)



    Thank you guys for your kind words and encouragement . I needed this and helps me a lot. Thank you .

    @oldercandidate21 yes we will be done this time for sure:-) I know we discussed in December after the exam results. Good luck to you on your exam. Give your best.I know you are going to nail it this time.

    @fwesley – Yes I had DRS from last year June, 2016 . I had DRS in AUD and REG( 1st and 2nd attempt ). The issue with DRS is time. I ran out of time . There are lot of supporting documents you need to review before answering the 4-5 questions. As everyone says plan more time for SIMS. Good luck to you on your exam.

    Again thank you guys and have a nice weekend.



    Good luck @esenthil as you know we have similar experiences. I hope we can be done this quarter! I'll be in touch!



    Results coming out later this week. So nervous. Here was my experience –

    Medium – Very Easy – Very Difficult
    SIMS –
    Research and 1 other – felt good
    3 – probably partial
    1 – not so good (all statute of limitations)

    Do you think I have a shot at passing?



    Thank you @dtatham10. Hope we are done with REG this time. I know you are the one who mastered the tax concepts and principles thoroughly . For sure you will pass with very high score this time.

    @jakesro – I am exactly like you. Medium/Easy – Hard – Medium/Easy . Hope we will pass and come out of this misery soon.Just hang in there . Two more days to go.



    Thanks esenthil. I am pulling for you too.



    There's no “easy” guys. You either get a Medium or a Hard.

    If you think you got an “easy”, you didn't. You just knew the material really well.

    Even Hard testlets can seem “easy” to you because you were really prepared. That's how FAR was for me. I went through FAR thinking I barely missed any.




    Just a quick update. I passed REG with 86. What a relief. I was super stressed and tired . Thank you guys for all the support and help.

    @re2pect and @@oldercandidate21 – I know we guys talked in December. I scored 72 in my first attempt and now 86.I was depressed and posted a question in this forum “help needed to pass REG and you guys advised and motivated me. I know you guys can do better than me. Wish you all the best. If you need anything from me please hit me back.Thank you again for the kind words and encouragement.

    @dtatham10 – Congrats ! Great job on REG – 89. Thanks to you for answering all the questions in the Q1 Exam prep thread.

    @jakesro and @tardis_wobble – Hope you guys passed REG. Thank you for the support.

    @fwesley – You can do it. All the best.Please focus on TAX.

    @Nath – Wow thank you . In my 1st attempt I scored 72 and 2nd attempt 86 and you are spot on – increase the score by 10-12 points. Thank you again .

    This whole forum support was incredible. I was super stressed last 16 months. With 2 kids, work and studying was challenging. Thank you guys.

    Hope to get back into running soon πŸ™‚




    Illinois takes forever to post scores, but it finally showed up. 81 !!!!!!

    I am done.

    Thanks for all the support and congrats to you too.

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