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    I have a question about the “Passed CPA” status and it's transferability

    across states. I've tried contacting the state boards and various internet

    forums but nobody has answered yet. I thought I'd give this a try since you

    guys have been great with replies so far. Anyway…

    Here is my situation.

    I graduated from a university in California in 2010, thinking I could go under

    pathway 1 to get licensure in California. However, with all the changes to the

    exam requirements, I am only left with options that are significantly

    difficult than what I had originally hoped.

    My original plan was to study for and pass the exam under California pathway

    1, because I thought if I passed the exam before 1/1/2014, I could still take

    advantage of the 120 hour requirement. Turns out I also have to complete 2

    years of work experience before 2014 to go under pathway 1, so that's not an

    option anymore.

    Next I though if I applied for and passed the exams in California with 120

    hours and no experience, I could take an Audit class (which I have not taken

    yet) to fulfill the requirements for Delaware, transfer my exam credits there

    and fulfill my work experience. It turns out there's a possibility that I have

    to have completed my Audit class BEFORE taking the exams in California. Which

    I think is a ridiculous rule since it makes no difference for my

    qualifications whether I took a class before or after the exam. Unless I can

    find a time machine and travel back in time to take an Audit class, I

    apparently have to RETAKE THE EXAM to transfer exam credits to Delaware… Is

    this true?

    Would this mean that with my current condition, having only 120 credit hours,

    there’s a chance that passing the CPA Exam right now could be pointless?

    Because if I’m not allowed to fulfill my education requirement after passing

    the exam, passing the exam before fulfilling my education requirement would

    mean that I have to RETAKE the exam to be eligible for the license.

    This is thoroughly confusing me, and honestly it’s a little hard to get

    motivated at the current time if there’s a possibility that all this is for

    nothing. Please help me! I don’t know what to do!



    The exam is uniform, hence the name, across all states and test scores are transferable, just check with the state board in the transfer state on how to do this. Delaware is an option lots of people take as it is a 120 cr hr state and they do offer certificates for passing the exam and licenses which some states just offer either or not both, but when it comes to getting licensed in most states you must meet the minimum requirements still of that state so if you get a certificate in Delaware and even get fully licensed in Delaware your license still probably will not reciprocate, because of SUBSTANTIAL EQUIVALENCY, to a 150 cr hr state without some extra work, but some will still reciprocate.

    link on substantial equivalency



    There is still plenty of time to pass the exam and get your 2 yrs experience under pathway 1 before 2014. There's nothing that says you can't start working and getting experience WHILE you are studying and passing the exam.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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