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    Hi, I am new here. I am trying to determine what courses I need to take to prepare for the CPA exam. I have an MBA from a long time ago and lots of (non-accounting) business experience. To be able to sit for the exam in California I need an additional fifteen semester units in finance and accounting. My plan is to take six quarter-unit courses, then take the Becker review course to fill in the gaps. Does this approach make sense, and what courses should I take? I am thinking: intermediate accounting I, intermediate accounting II, advanced accounting, corporate tax, auditing and attestation, and financial statement analysis. I am planning to do this at one of the University of California extension programs.

    Thanks for any suggestions.



    I think intermediate accounting I, II, advanced accounting, corporate tax, auditing and attestation are look good. Personal Tax (Intro Tax) is a good class to take as well. I'm not sure about Financial statement analyst class. If I have chance to choose I would do Intro Tax or Gov Accountant instead.

    Good luck



    So it sounds like I am on the right track. Not like I should get an accounting degree before even thinking about the exam. Thanks for your feedback.



    Nope ,I have BS in Engineering and MBA-finance. I took 24 units accounting classes like you. In my case,I took Intermediate Accting 1 , 2 classes from community college(Intro accting I,II),Intro tax,Corp tax,Controllership(graduate class..not help for CPA exam),Audit 1 and another core class during MBA. I felt like I learn from scatch for FAR and AUD but review course help a lot.(I used mainly Becker but FAR I also used Yaeger in my second time)

    Good luck!



    Your experience is very encouraging for me. It seems like the personal focus needs to be very different with these classes. One needs to do all the problems in the textbooks and master the material. Pleasing the instructor and getting good grades is just not part of the equation.



    I did the on-line community college course thing.

    Most useful were Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Accounting, and Government & Nonprofit (a significant portion of FAR and, if I hadn't had some prior exposure, would have looked like something developed by bureaucratic space aliens in the CPA review materials).

    I think you can get by with the review materials and poking around the IRS website and the tax code for federal taxation. I took Audit, and did well, but for some reason it didn't stick and I relied entirely on the review materials (I used Wiley and Yaeger), which worked fine. You will quickly pick back up the cost accounting in BEC review materials with your MBA, so skip Managerial Accounting.



    Yes,try to understand the basics.

    The most tough one for me is AUD sims,something that normally do not see in review course and unpredictable. Good luck!



    @ an0112

    UCLA Extension is great, currently enrolled in their accounting program. Just take note, it is now walkthrough but you'll learn so much. Very helpful in preparing you. Take classes at the main campus and choose the right professors, especially when it comes to tax.


    I took UCLA Extension as well and I just passed all parts of the exam (with Roger CPA Review's help). I did not have an accounting background so it's totally possible to just take extension courses to get your units and pass the exam.

    One thing: you say you have an MBA and the units from that don't satisfy all of your business-related requirements? The California Board of Accountancy seems pretty open as to what counts as business related — I'm sure my three undergraduate math courses counted as I hadn't completed by a long shot the elective portion of UCLA's certificate program.



    My MBA does satisfy the business requirements, but I still need some credits for the accounting requirements.

    I will check out UCLA Extension if they have online courses. I am thinking also UC Berkeley Extension for their online. I am currently taking classes at UCSC Extension. Any other thoughts on who offers good courses? If it's online I can go with anyone. I live in the Bay Area.



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