What order to take remaining exams? (running out of time!)

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    Hi everyone,

    I would like some opinions on how I should schedule out my remaining CPA exams. Here's a little background info: I passed BEC last March and it expires on 9/6/18. I have failed Audit twice now with a 72 and a 73 and just retook it again yesterday. I will get those scores back on 3/8. I kind of fell off the wagon studying wise for a few months, but now time is of the essence. (really don't want to retake BEC).

    So my question is, how should I schedule out my remaining exams? I don't want to waste a week waiting for my audit results and not do any studying. I want to assume I passed and begin studying a new section, and if I failed, I will switch back to audit. What order should I take the other two exams in? (FAR and REG). Realistically, I'm only going to get two shots (Q2 and Q3) at both since you can only take a specific exam once per quarter, so I need to make sure I take both in Q2 incase I need a retake in Q3. My back is against the wall time wise and I want to get these pesky exams done ASAP!

    AUD - 76

    BEC - 84

    FAR - TBD

    REG - 82

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