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    I took BEC on Friday and just waiting on my scores. I only have FAR and REG left to take. I took REG twice last year and didn't pass. I wanna to start back studying this week but I'm not sure what section to take. Any advice on what section to take next???



    In my opinion REG is the hardest. I would start studying REG, it makes no sense to study and pass FAR only to fail REG and then possible having to retake some other test because clock expired as result of not passing REG.


    Umm..FAR is pretty tough too and I've heard too many times that FAR needs to be the first exam, even AICPA suggest that…
    FAR has a ton of material it really seems unending. Kind of hard to study for REG knowing you've got this FAR beast to beat still…just my two cents. I'm new here.

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    REG is the hardest for me. I dont enjoy tax and have no background in it. However, i think it would be best to take FAR first. I feel like I had a question or two on reg (just took it on the 7th) that kind of had a tiny bit of FAR mixed in there. Just a little sprinkle. Might be useful to have a grasp of FAR before reg. There is nothing REG-related on FAR.

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    I'm using the momentum strategy by taking the exams with the least amount of information to cover, passing them on the first try(hopefully) and saving FAR for last. I do understand when people say to take FAR first because it has the most information thus making it difficult to past for most people but let's face it, everyone is different. A lot of people pass FAR with ease and really struggle with AUD or REG. Like choosing study materials or planning your study strategy, you have to know what works best for you.

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    I suggest hammering REG, since you still have it fresh in your head. Al though the material may have changed due to the new tax bill, it is somewhat very similar or even easier to say the least.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I think I am going to take REG next since I am already somewhat familiar with the concepts. Just hoping I pass BEC and this so all that is left is FAR.
    Wish me luck



    Go for REG again. The longer you wait, the less you'll remember. I think the “order of exams” debate is more important only to the extent you haven't passed your first. A lot of people like to take FAR first because the study time for it doesn't dock against your 18 months. I waited until last to do FAR to make it out of busy season. Definitely don't regret leaving it until last.

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    FAR 06/02/18 -96



    So I already started studying for REG but i found out I didn't pass BEC. I plan to hammer out multiple choice and SIMs and retake BEC when the window opens but should i continue studying for REG???? AUD expires on Christmas unfortunately and i still need to take FAR.

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