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    Just want to gather an opinion on when it is more effective to rewrite notes? Before doing MCQ for each section or after final review?

    In my case, I will be retyping them into excel and doing screenshots and explanations of those questions I answer incorrectly…the question is WHEN.

    I honestly don't feel like I grasped a lot out of the lectures, so I read through my notes before MCQ anyway.


    aaaand cue the crickets



    I thinks its better to re-write after doing questions but before final review.

    Reason being, I write notes during the lectures, but when im doing questions theres always stuff i missed or didnt grasp so i have to write those down. When im done all that I re-write about 2 weeks before the exam. Then during final review if there is any question that i dont have a note for I add it to my “re-written” notes going forward.



    I never read the books but use the final reviews of becker so i dont really have to rewrite anything either. Totally worth the money!!



    @forever4: So you are only using the Becker Final Review? You're not using regular Becker Review Course? Just wondering.

    @hustlinhustlin or Anyone Else: What is the point of rewriting things? Is this a Ninja technique?


    Yes, and honestly it has been the technique that got me past BEC and AUD.

    When you rewrite your notes you revisit, solidify and really get an overall “big picture” of the piecemeal topics. This and making screen shots of MCQ with my own explanations of why I got them wrong has been the most beneficial way to learn…

    Ah, but WHEN to rewrite the notes is always something I struggle with. I will probably end up doing them in review stage, to refresh and pull everything back together.



    I completely agree. I take notes after I watch the lecture, but before the MCQ's, and then take notes on the MCQ's I get wrong. Like you said, it really helps me with the ‘big picture' of the chapter. I'm planning to rewrite the notes in my review stage. I'm also having some trouble finding where to fit in all of the NINJA material with Becker…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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