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    I am planning on taking FAR(first-time taking exam) in the 2nd week of April. I'm hoping to take a second section sometime in the last week of May. That should give me about 6-7 weeks to prepare for the May exam. Which section do you recommend that I take? I've read that REG and AUD are both very difficult, and I'm afraid that the 6-7 weeks may not be enough for me to prepare for those two sections. At the same time, I kind of want to take BEC as the 3rd or the 4th section to pass. Any suggestions?



    AUD is doable.



    go with audit. plenty of time.



    Yes, plus Audit is… dare I say it… a breath of fresh air after taking FAR. It's like half the amount of material and hardly any calculations. And there's some overlap of FAR topics.



    guys i become crazy with FAR i reach the point that i'm talking with the book during the studying loooool, dream about it, singing in the bathroom. i wish to finish this Psychological warfare with just get 75% paaaaaassing ‘;>>>>

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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